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The Clapton Tool


Holy crap! Does it come with launch codes?


I’ve got the rampage coming this week from fasttech along with Petri dotmod clone.

@NewDrip has been using his rampage to put a few builds in already.


A crazy twisted mess.


Is that 3 different claptons and a standard piece of wire all twisted???



yes that’s it


Looks like it will work great … Easy and cheap, two things I like.

I do a lot of fly tying and think a bobbin would work perfectly for this. Not necessarily to hold the spool of wire, although it might work for that too if ya had a small spool, but to guide the wire like you are doing with your tool.

Sorry, I haven’t read the whole thread yet so hopefully this wasn’t brought up already.


That would work too. Just fabricate some type of narrow tip and it would work just fine. Where do you buy those?


A shop that sells sowing equipment I think :smile:

Sort of like this one: http://hatchesmagazine.com/blogs/Hatches/2010/07/26/product-spotlight-petitjean-tt-bobbin/

And this:


or a fly tying shop …maybe even a tackle and bait store?


Sportsman Warehouse, Cabellas, Bass Pro Shop … Most good tackle and outfitters shops have them. Ebay
Just do a google search for fly tying bobbin.


I made another Dual Staggered Fused Clapton Sleeper Build and was shooting for .1 ohm and nailed it right on the head. I’m vaping this build at 114w… and other than my Cloud Machine coil build this is my highest vapor and flavor producing build. I’ve made so many coils that I’m not easily impressed by a build anymore… but this is definitely one of my top 2 builds. It’s flawed and not too sexy but it really puts out.


Here is another way of doing claptons fast, using an old kanger protank head:

Found a link on reddit


Thanks @daath Soon there will be 1,000,001 ways to build a Clapton. I use old ego parts for the tip of my pipettes. It’s alot easier with a metal tip. Keep the info coming.


Definitely the way to go. Thanks for all the trouble to share your wonderful method.


Absolutely BRILLIANT! Wonderful but of engineering there. Problem faced, solution found! Great work.Going to work one up myself now.


So, I just came across this, way behind the power curve, but does the wire melt the pipettes at all, I want to make some simple claptons


I haven’t had one to melt, but it wear down after a while. I’ve fashioned anything from gutted ink pens, to hollow metal tips to extend the life of this tool.

It was innovative during its time, but there are better ways to do them now.
I don’t build Claptons anymore, so maybe some of the builders will weigh in with their method.


Don’t have one, but have been looking at one of these. Looks like a refined version of what you had going @Pro_Vapes.




This is the one i have it works great for fused clapton’s