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The Clapton Tool


It works!


Looks legit… Congrats on a great idea with rapid execution …Bravo sir


You sir, are a grade A badass!


Exelent job Phill. well done mate. :ok_hand:


I watched the video and I’m really impressed. That gadget is badass. I did a double wrapped clapton back in April '15, but they were no where near as clean as yours. Great Job Man! You could sell a ton of those.


Agreed. Get a patent NOW! :yum:


That is such a dope idea! I just started vaping earlier this year and got addicted to making coils right away. I’ve been doing them all with a Ryobi drill and my hands. I’ve wasted countless feet of wire, but I get total satisfaction when I get a wire like this out of it. 3 parallel 24g kanthal wrapped with 32g kanthal alien style. 5 wrap, 3mm, .15ohm.


Hi there , just throwing it out there but has anybody used one of these for clapton building ?


Seeing as a lot of people use fishing swivels to aid in their building why not other fishing equipment ?


I believe some people have posted using these in the past successfully. I haven’t tried it myself. To be honest I forgot all about them. Thanks for the reminder.


To be honest i didn’t even think about them until i saw this post, haven’t tried using one yet for clapton building either. Only ever used these years ago while fly making . Be interesting to know how well people have got on with them though.


I tried it and made about a 2 inch section that was good the rest was crap


Which method did you use?


I used the pipette I’m thinking the wire i’m using is too small of a gage
(using 24 core/ 32 outer)


the pipette fed beautifully


Wire tension is very important using this method. Make sure to keep the pipette at a 90 degree angle or slightly tilted away from the wraps to keep the wire from over wrapping onto itself. Stay slow a steady from the start and with practice it should work. Good Luck.

Also make sure to twist straighten the core wire before wrapping.


I am on a mission to make a Clapton I’ll take your advise
(which I really appreciate) and just keep trying!
Thanks for the help!!


Holy crap! What was the ramp-up like on that bad boy? What mod was used to fire it?


It was on a Sigeli 100 something. Ramp up wasn’t too bad at higher watts.

This was the beefiest coil I ever made and probably the best kanthal build.