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The Clapton Tool


Its reading .37, My next 1 I’m gonna try 317L core. I’d like to get less than .2.


I’m sorry, I have not messed with claptons, you did mean as a dual, correct? .74 each is along the line I was going to try on my kayfun.


yep, the one mounted.


Those are some pretty big coils. I don’t know if one would fit. Maybe all kanthal on a 1.5 ID and maybe 6 wraps.


Maybe, right now it’s holding nichrome 24g 6 wraps around 3mm, showing .4 on my sigelei. I’m wanting to raise it a bit and go mech.


That’s why I was thinking all kanthal. Those coils I made is probably 20g or lower and nichrome is such a high resistance wire. it’ll be hard to get that above .5. If you straighten 28g wire you can wrap claptons on those too. Just ease up on the tension a bit.


I’ve spent the past 12 hours of my days of dicking about with wire killed 100m of 32g kanthal

All to go in the bin :sob:

Ramp up times on everything I was doing was just ridiculous :sob::sob::sob::sob:

It’s ashame cos my twisted messes RDA arrived today and I put a dual Clapton in, lovely
Then tried something mega, fucked it
Tried 4 more builds and everyone sucked



Sometimes you just gotta throw on a 1.5 ohm micro coil wih 28 g kanthal and enjoy the simplicity and satisfying vape …no need to go subohm all the time


Sorry bub, but I do. No satisfaction in that for me.


Ya but your the coil master of e liquid forum ! I’m talking about us regular folks haha


Now that was funny. :blush:


This build will require about 21-25W of power for a proper flavour development, it won’t heat up evenly and will slowly burn the cotton in the centre, ramp up time will be noticeable. The best resistance range for single 28g micro coils is 0.9 to 1.2 ohms (:


What type of mod are you using?


What can I say? :flushed: Clapton Fever!!!


I stand corrected !


My m80 I think it was because of my tobh atty . The coils the self look great until I insert them in the posts one coil always glows faster :frowning:


You have to work the coils, make sure the legs are the same length and stretch, pinch and re-insert the coil jig into them to make sure they are the exact same size. If they are not exactly the same they will have 2 different resistances causing 1 to fire before the other.

And those coil you threw in the bin probably are good coils.


lol…ok that’s just CRAZY…maybe seek professional help… Intervention time folks…lmao


Just wanted to say I made this tool today with pipettes and the wire for the spool and wrapped some 28g with 32g in a matter of seconds.

18" of perfect Clapton wire.

Great great idea @NewDrip

Much better than my ghetto syringe!



I practiced and got it in the end got a twisted 26 paralleled with a 26 in just now, had a bad few days of bad luck just went to start editing 1 of 5 vids I’ve recorded for the YouTube channel and my MacBook has just died :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: