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The Clapton Tool


thought you could appreciate these . If you haven’t already built them that is !


I haven’t said much in this thread, but I can’t help but say… THAT is SWEET!!!


All I can say is, DAMN DAMN DAMN!!! I’ll be working my Clapton tool all night tonight. Those are dream coils.
I’m waiting for my 36g kanthal to come so I can try more Fused Claptons. It’s a bit tricky with the 32g and they are coming out too big.


I wanna see you pump out a couple of these bad boys !!


You know I’m going to try.


Holy moly those are cool! Kinda look like they belong on the creature from Alien.
When will the tutorial be up?


Looks like some type of jewelry given by the Marquis de Sade.


Those aren’t mine. That’s just what I’m aiming for.


I saw this one yesterday, I think It’s the same coil. Oh no It’s not, less wraps.


I came up with an idea at work tonight to flatten a Clapton, I was really surprised with the results so I wrapped it in parallel with a Spacedout Clapton. It’s not the prettiest, but this thing puts out like a broke hooker on Friday night. Keep in mind there are 6 different wire stands in this build so it heats up in stages.

A flat pair.


I’ve had a little time in work so I thought I’d make some wire.

Here’s some pics.

I’ve made some spaced claptons and tight claptons by just having a little more or a little less tension on the spool tool.

Then there’s just some twisted gauges.

I might try twisting some 32g tonight with possibly 4 strands.

In the pics above is also a 26g core with 28g over wrap. Really easy with the Clappy Clamp lol (like that phrase @LoganMcguire )

And don’t forget people.

QUIMBY for President!


What do you think of my first twist 26 &26g parallel @NewDrip


Good looking build. What’s the ohms reading?


My latest build. Dual Staggered Parallel Claptons .3 ohms. Staged heating.


So you can potentially get .15 ohms if you double that, interesting! I’m curious about the ram up time. And what is your i.d. on that? You’ve done an awesome job!


Its pretty much a normal ramp up time. The cores are 28g 317L and it ramps up pretty quick.

Check this out, twisted claptons the fused wrapped. Tag it “Lightning Wire”


I’m getting dizzy looking at the photo of that coil!


Was .22 I think. Just had to rip them out for a review got one back in successfully .41 still chucks


This is how the big boys do it.


Wow intense