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The Clapton Tool


I was asked a question on Reddit a little earlier that I thought my benefit some of the members here, so I decided to post it.

[–]DJDomTom 1 point an hour ago
Why would you ever want staged heating?

[–]NewDrip[S] 1 point 25 minutes ago*
In a side by side comparison I did it had better flavor development and a cooler vape for longer hits. Also when the first coil heats, it thins the juice and the second cool coil absorbs the juice and when it fires you get a flavor and vapor explosion.


Don’t any of these REDDIT users ever venture onto YouTube and see Twisted Messes videos where his coils heat up in stages with juice channels etc?

I don’t think he even uses wicks on a lot of his builds any more does he @NewDrip

Even I can understand about staged heating and that it’s more about flavours.

I actually wrapped a coil the other day using my 26g core 28g wrapped Clapton, single coil. Something like 5wraps on a 2mm rod.

Ramp up time was insane on my mech, we’re talking a good +120 seconds to burn it for tightening and wicking.

But once it was ramped up it was a flavour beast.

Would probably work really well on a +80w Mod.



You’re right, a lot of people don’t really know the amount of flavor these type of coils produce. Or maybe some may think it’s all cosmetic. With a lil practice anybody can make them. For me it’s well worth the extra effort.


I made a 6wrap dual coil with a 2mm ID out of my twisted 26g at .3ohms and it’s a good chucker with a good warm hit and plentiful flavour.

It actually really surprised me.

Last time i wrapped twisted 26g I went with 7 wraps 6 is definately the way to go on a dual setup.

Here’s a pic.

Ramp up time is really quick.

I think next month I’ll be investing in a +50w box mod as I’m finding my mech with my 25R’s is taking a while to get thicker gauge claptons etc up to power which drains the shit out of my 18650’s.



Lots of good options out there for reasonable prices . I’m like my m80 …I honestly don’t think I’ll ever need more than 80 watts


My istick feels more solid tho and fasttech just got them back in stock …


Out of curiosity what’s the lowest ohm you can hit on the M80?

Is it .1ohms and above?

Istick 50w is .2ohms and above.

I’m contemplating the Lemo2 based on everyone here who has one or Goliath when it’s released for sale somewhere in the UK or FT. I’m a little put off dripping out and about as I get looked at like I’m a crack head getting a fix lol so I’m thinking decent high wattage box mod with an RTA for day vaping.

Save my dripping for at home then.



M80 is .1 yes ,I’ve never tested it as I don’t think I’ve ever wrapped that low . If I’m heading out I usually grab my Lemo drop with a 1.5 ohm coil on it and tighten up the draw so I’m not blowing monster clouds . I’m currently looking for a super stealth setup as I hate explaining myself and arguing the benefits and dangers of vaping with people .


I don’t mind blowing monster clouds when I’m out its just the looks you get when dripping up your cotton.

Some folks are intrigued by it and others look at you like as if your shooting heroin right I front of them.


Most people if you aren’t using an ego battery and a ce5 look at you like your firing up a crack stem in from of them . Or they proceed to tell you the dangers of vaping as told to them by the good people on the news


What do you think about this one? It’s pretty damn close.


i think you’re my hero !


Intense man . That looks like a flave factory for sure !


Came out at .14 ohms, lower than I wanted. :disappointed: I had to take it apart. :tired_face: I’m gonna have to do it all kanthal.


I’ve just wrapped this flavour beast on my deck.

It’s a 26g/32g Clapton with Parallel 26g 7 wrap at .8ohms.

OMFG flavour factory!!!

Not the biggest cloud build but flavour is off the chain!



Looks awesome man . When I get time I’m gonna catch up on my wrapping!


Ur gonna catch the @NewDrip fever lol he’s pretty frikin badazz when it comes to coils!!!


I don’t think I’ll ever get that hardcore …just wrap some respectable coils . That’s another level man !!


I had to unwrap some of the parallel build as ramp up was a little time consuming.

So I unraveled 3 wraps to make a 4wrap of the one above.

Ramp time is almost instant. It’s now at .43ohms and chucks some pretty big clouds.



WTG @Jondamon. That looks Effing AWESOME!!!