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The Clapton Tool


Thought you might like this @NewDrip

This build on my PV1.5 is
28g/32g Clapton with Parallel 28g.

Dual coil on a 3mm ID 4wraps each coil.

It’s putting out like a cheap hooker.

Clouds and flavour on a .27ohm.


So I’ve now got my PV at .43ohms single coil 26g/32g clap with 26g Para
And this above.



Boy, now that’s what I’m talking about. That looks like a chucker. That’s the range I like, .2 to .3


Hell yeah Boy!!!

Chuck chuck chuck!



Got one thing to say if it’s within the range you like.


on a fully charged 25R at .27 it’s hitting around 60w of power.




It’s weird though because I find it easier to anchor my parallel into my Kuro but then hand wrap it around the rod rather than use the end piece to wrap it.

I can get it tighter to the rod this way with his kind of build.



i find dual claptons easier in my tosh atty v3 too on a single wire do one good coil then on the other side pull the life out of it?


Mine are 2 seperate coils.

I just mean winding the parallel coils on my KURO KOILER TOOL I find easier doing them by hand rather than the adaptor piece.

At the minute I find the adaptor has a habit of twisting the parallels as I wrap them.



This is one I never seen before and it’s a beast. I was trying to take the easy road making a staple coil but ended up with a monster. I used two flattened claptons, but didn’t realize they weren’t equal widths so it came out uneven. I mounted and wicked anyway and created a cloud machine with flavor out of this world. I never tasted flavor like this thing produces. I am amazed. Anyway here’s the pic and video.

Thank @daath

SMOK TF-R2 Dual RBA Deck

Whoa! That looks intense.


I never had a hit like this before. Like it reads, a cloud machine.



That looks insane!

What’s the ohms and what wattage are you delivering or is it on a mech box?


.2 ohms and 80w on the video, I vaped it at 50w about 3-4 sec hits. I’m scared to go higher.

I wonder if the shape of it is causing the vapor to blow out the sides?

It was at 1 on Reddit, now its at 0. Is that a down vote?


Wow it looks like a snake belly!!!


I’m fucked if I know.

The only thing I do want to know is what’s a 2-3s hit on 80w like? lol.



I’ll mail it to u and you let me know, cause I’m not doing it.


Mail me one @NewDrip it looks fucking insane!!!

What’s the wires?


24g 316L/32G Kanthal, 24g 317L/36g kanthal, 36g kanthal fused


lol I don’t blame you for not wanting to try it lol.

Maybe once I purchase my M80 or similar I’ll try my hand at the coil build and have a go at 80w lol.

Might be the last time you ever see me though. Lol.



Looks like a momma anaconda and her baby takin’ a nap


Now that there is centerfold material.