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The Clapton Tool


@Jondamon can you see this with 3 Claptons. I just ordered it and can’t wait for it to get here. I’ll probably be waiting all week.


Holy triple claptons. Lol.

I’d be thinking triple fused or triple with parallel twisted.



Is that a little “anti-spit back” cap that screws down over the coils? Link to site, please! Thx




That’s going to be 3x lower resistance. I may be able to with all kanthal. But then I’ll have to worry about ramp up time.


What’s the name of the atty?


It’s called the Rampage


And with Nichrome it would probably be so low you couldn’t fire it lol.

It’s a catch 22.

What are you thinking to build on it?

3 claps?



If I go verticle I could get more wraps per coil and my be able to get away with Nichrome or SS.


Double and Triple Parallel Claptons. I got some serious staged heating going on with these 2. I made them both out of pieces of left over wire so I don’t know the wire type. Also they both are under .2 ohm.

Coil Building show offs!

These must hit ridiculously hard ! What’s the ramp up like ?


the fuzed part has about a 1 sec delay and its at full blaze in about 4 secs


The staged heating on this coil looks phenomenal!!!

Have you seen the transformer coil by VaporHut???

Thinking I might wrap one tonight with Kanthal only and see what she ohms out at.


That’s not too bad . Looks awesome though man ! I gotta try and find some time to get my wrap on !


I gave it a shot. I think I spaced the flat ribbon too much tho because it separated too much when I wrap the coil. I paralled it with a new Clapton I was working on this morning. This new Clapton has 4 cores… 2x 28g kanthal and 2x 28g 317L. I added more wraps because I think the ohms will be super low. A total of 10 strands in parallel.


Looks great.

Yeah I think the ribbon was a bit too spaced.

I’m gonna try one in a few hours.



I pulled it apart and squeezed it together. There is at least 15 ft. of wire in this 1 coil. This thing is gonna be a beast… if it’s above .1 ohm!


Did you manage to test the ohms on the transformer coil?

Here’s a couple of shots of mine.

This was 2x 26/36 claptons with .5mm Ribbon fused and parallel 24g.

This measured .18ohms.

Insane flavour and Vapor on this build to be fair.

When I get chance I’m going to make it with 2x 28/36 claptons with parallel 26g, or possibly to give it a different look I might try using the tiger wire in parallel.



width=“690” height=“309”> No I haven’t mounted yet.

Projects I’v been working on.



I’m waiting for angelcigs to get the black one back in stock. Love the look of this one. Since you’ll get yours soon, will you post a review?