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The Heisenberg Clone is Here!


For anyone wanting to see the formula again, I went back and picked it… someone converted it to percentages for me… I hope that works for you:

2.90% Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy (Cap) * 3.80% Blueberry (Cap) * 3.80% Blueberry Jam (CAP) * 5.70% Green Apple (Cap) * 1.90% Jelly Candy (Cap) * 1.00% Spearmint (Cap) *

I know it’s not the right formula, it’s just very tasty, and fits the description I was given… It’s the best I can do until I actually try it myself… the real one, that is.


Bit confused?
You asked myself to send an email, which I did but no reply?
I assumed it was for the recipe? But you posted that here?
So why the email?


A little, I guess… There were a stack of messages… I probably got confused as to who was wanting what. I’m not the most powerful computer user.


I imported Heisenberg from Vampire Vapes into the US here…Have 3 -10 ml bottles and I am looking to sell them…Can I say that here?