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The Heisenberg Clone is Here!


For anyone wanting to see the formula again, I went back and picked it… someone converted it to percentages for me… I hope that works for you:

2.90% Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy (Cap) * 3.80% Blueberry (Cap) * 3.80% Blueberry Jam (CAP) * 5.70% Green Apple (Cap) * 1.90% Jelly Candy (Cap) * 1.00% Spearmint (Cap) *

I know it’s not the right formula, it’s just very tasty, and fits the description I was given… It’s the best I can do until I actually try it myself… the real one, that is.


Bit confused?
You asked myself to send an email, which I did but no reply?
I assumed it was for the recipe? But you posted that here?
So why the email?


A little, I guess… There were a stack of messages… I probably got confused as to who was wanting what. I’m not the most powerful computer user.


I imported Heisenberg from Vampire Vapes into the US here…Have 3 -10 ml bottles and I am looking to sell them…Can I say that here?


Vampire Vapes - Heisenberg clone Finished self.DIY_eJuice
Submitted 3 hours ago * by noilian"I Bet I Could Clone That"

Flavor Percentage
Anise INW 0.5%
Blackcurrant INW 2%
Koolada INW 0.5%
Black Fruit Mint INW 1%
Red Fruits and Mint INW 11%



Surely that is a typo i have never seen any inw used that high. (i dont have it so i am not sure)


I can’t even fathom that combo.
Licorice, berries, and mint? :flushed:

And then… Yeeeaaah. Good eye @woftam!

I almost want to try it for “the weirdness factor”. :laughing:


I know right?

I like flavored juices but 11% INA Anything seems crazy high


Hmm ok - i guess it isn’t


I think his recipe tilted the flavors mix factor on the flavor page.


Ya i saw that - maybe @Chewy could chime in


I’m kinda glad I don’t have any of the flavors. I can wait for other comments before ordering/mixing. But I need to go try the premium at my local juice bar to see if i’d want to mix it. The flavors sound good but I don’t usually vape coolants.


Think this recipe works out more expensive or close to the price of the original.

Too buy 5 x 10ml of this to make it up would cost me around £12 delivered from Inawera and allow me to make roughly 14ml of concentrate roughly the same price as from Vampire Vape direct for 30 ml of the original and both are mixed at 15%

The difference is though the other 4 lower % ingredients could be used in future mixes. But overall I don’t think there is much difference in finished price

1 thing in it’s favour if it is close, there is no colouring.

As a sidenote, I am pretty sure from my Inawera testing. Koolada is a new product within the last 12 months and Heisenberg is much older than that?


I’d like to add some notes over this one.

I followed the 3d and played around with this recipe, doing some champagne and grape variations, but one of the things I noticed and personally did, is the use of menthol crystals!
Everybody misses the Heisenberg bit (u know blue meth crystals… ) that is a dead giveaway!

Talking about berries, from the gas Chromatography they did on it in Germany, there’s no sign of any compounds or linaloos or ethyls or esters nor alcohols that lead to think about berries of any sorts… or they missed it or it hasn’t been published or… they’re just not there…

I personally think that’s a straight forward balsamic mix, and as a matter of fact they found Eucalyptol, Aniseed and Menthol.
The (not so) weird and probably misleading thing is that they found Amyl acetate, (isoamyl) Banana??? But pentyl acetate has the taste of apple and pear… read below…
The green leafy bit is given by the Cis-3Hexen-1ol… but it could come from the crystal themselves Mint green…
The other strange one is Ethyl butyrate… pineapple??? or could very well be that was the base of a berry and the ethyl part on a GC just sort of… went…

The blue bit… they found Methyl anthranilate that they say is light blue, but it has also the scent of: Grape! (that’s where I based my variation…grape and champagne) and when combined with Ethyl butirate is… Apple!

At the end usual Triacetine… but… triacetin is something that INW uses in their Shisha mixes… That could lead to Eucalyptus and mint (INW) and the berry mix still from (INW)

They could very well have used Triacetine on its own, it also moists thing up… it is an high PG mix… might need some Glicerole moisting and blending…

Just dropped my thoughts, and shared some “food for thoughts.”

BTW I’ve got the original and can compare…


I share my thoughts all the way… so I’ll add another one and it’s what led me to think the flavours were from Inawera… If you’re in Europe and want to use fruits your two best choices are FA and INW.
I got to know that the original recipe was from SayMyName… Germany and in Germany INW is easy to find, fairly cheap, good products and they’ve got fast delivery, what more would you want…
My guess is (scifi mixing… :joy: ) that the original had koolada or just a freshener and that VV (fans of BR BA) powered it up with blue meth, menthol crystals.

The sci fi bit is how did that recipe went from Germany to England??


Not sure of the ingredients, but blackcurrant, anise, koolada, red fruit and mint, and black fruit… It really sounds like a similar flavor profile. I used cool mint instead of koolada, double apple for red fruit, blackberry for black fruit… jelly candy for the rest of the koolada and a bit of something else to substitute for a licorice flavor. and then blue raspberry cotton candy for my own personal touch. FOrgive me if my ingredients list is off from my recipe… I don’t have it right in front of me, but that’s to the best of my memory without looking at the list… So I’m sure it doesn’t taste the same as the real Heisenberg, but I get the feeling like it’s in the same flavor family profile.


So, there’s apple, anise, maybe pear and menthol?


That’s what the GC outlined, don’t forget that the anisette can be anything from licorice to absinthe or star anise.
Rremeber the pineapple?? And I strongly doubt the banana in favour of the apple combo= butyrate/ anthranilate…


ahh dang, heisenburg, a lot of folks said it boiled down into two flavor profiles, one of those … yanni or laurel things, I can’t stand licorice though, I’ve tried it several times, … oh well, thanks for the notes!


Hey, let me chime in :). Thanks for posting my recipe here and that was quick.

I really worked a long time on this one and would be happy if you guys would try it.

My recipe is made for my taste - I mix the Heisenberg concentrate at 15% in a 50/50 base. I like it that way and for me it is the same as the premixed stuff. Sooo… You can create the concentrate and adjust the flavor percentage to your liking.

11% Red fruits and Mint are really much - I have to admit. But in lower percentages it’s not giving the Heisenberg-taste.

Price-Wise this stuff is really not much of a difference - but that was not intended with this mix. I wanted to get rid of the coloring and adjust this a little more to my taste - the anise bothered me a bit. But to make something better, you have to know how to make it, right? I can make 75ml of this as a concentrate for around 30€ (0,4€/ml) shipped, 30ml of the concentrate are 15€ (0,5€/ml) around here.
Scaling up it get’s interesting, I can get 135ml of the concentrate for 33€ (0,24€/ml) shipped. But you have to know if the recipe works.

I actually had a recipe with Raw Pineapple (INW) before this one and it was already quite close. The Raw Pineapple has not much of a pineapple for me, just a hint of liquorice or aniseed and a bit of dark-sweetness. I wanted to call it a day after all this time, but it didn’t sit quite right. So I chose to continue my search.

The main taste that is making you love or hate Heisenberg is Red fruits and mint (INW) and Black fruits and mint (INW). It’s giving this lingering toilet freshner taste to it, that some people experience.

If you are interested I am open to share a few of my notes of this whole development - but not all because there are lots of handwritten and I’m sort of lazy…