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The Heisenberg Clone is Here!


Don’t we all love the insights, don’t we???
Thanks @noilian I’ll look forward to a good read!

Did you try the crystals?? I did, they muddle everything up and I went really close to it… :joy::rofl:

As I said, didn’t personally like it, but I thought, why not change it and take off the bits you don’t like and add some that suites the profile to my taste.
So I did some research and tests to study the recipe and insights, saw what everyone else did on this “Secret Recipe”, having read a bit about it and modified it, I thought why not share my thoughts. It’ll be nice to see yours!


This is how we do (ELR). This is the kind of thread I like, regardless if I would like the finished recipe. @Iv3shf Big thanks for the scientific breakdown, and thanks to everyone else for the Subjective notes. This has become a passionate in-depth analysis. E-Juice DIY? …Art! Science! Business! …oh and affordable Vaping.


Okay, story time ;).

Started vaping back in 2015/16, with some blueberry liquid by sonic vape. Couldn’t get a hold of it anymore, because my shop was sold out and they told me they don’t know if they would get it anytime soon. I was planning for a 2 week trip, so I needed a few bottles and tried Heisenberg the first time. Smell was repelling, because it smelled worse than a life-saver ( this. Weird american candy for germans.

I found out the company would open a shop near my city, so I went there to meet a few people from the local vape-scene. Still learning, you know? This shop was the my worst experience ever. Belitteling me for asking questions and making fun of my small setup. I swore I would not buy products from them anymore, and would try to avoid this company alltogether - but the craving set in.

I couldn’t find any good juice that would be as complex in flavor as this one, so I thought to myself: could I make this myself? Can’t be that hard, mix some blueberry flavor, aniseed and a bit of mehtol and there you go. first recipe:

Anise (FA)|0.50%
Black Cherry (TPA)|1.00%
Blackberry (TPA)|2.00%
Blueberry Candy (TPA)|2.00%
Blueberry Extra (TPA)|3.00%
Blueberry Wild (TPA)|3.00%
Koolada 10% (TPA)|1.00%
Raspberry (Sweet) (TPA)|3.00%

Oh boy… I still have this bottle in my closet and every so often I have a smell at it. It’s really the worst. This led me off to another path, chasing other flavor profiles in sub-ohm vapes. (If you are interested, I got Nuts and Cream by Northland pretty spot on in my DX Version :wink: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1327295/Nuts+and+Cream+DX+5 )

But once or twice a week I would look for new flavors that could be in Heisenberg by VV. Chased every little info from the internet and tried nearly all recipes out there that claimed to be a clone or “really really close”.

The famous Kritikalmass recipe:

Koolada 1%
Anise (Star) (cap) 2%
Apple Double (cap) 1%
Blue Raspberry (TPA) 4%
Blueberry Candy (TPA) 8%
Bubblegum (TPA) 4%

I found the analysis from the german (?) forum, trying to let these infos push me in the right direction.

Even followd the “inside info” that it should be all Flavor West - invested a whole lot of money to try many different single or multi flavors.

And lastly the user /u/Ernie_is_Dead told me about his Pinkman Clone and his suspicion VV would use mainly Inawera flavors. Well, I was at a dead end and bought everything that sounded like it could match the profile. I knew since Heisenberg - no Ice edition that there would be some sort of Grape inside. Grape flavors give e-liquids a blue-shimmer in sunlight and it was definitely there.

Second last Inawera order before finding the recipe:

  • Black Fruit - Mint
  • Inawera Exotic
  • Inawera Grapes
  • Jungle Frost
  • Shisha Blueberry
  • Tino D’Milano Fruit Mix
  • “Dry Cocktail”
  • Kaktus
  • Marula
  • Pink Panther
  • Red Fruit Mint
  • Classic Yummy Blue Dwarf
  • BlackBerry / Blueberry
  • Prickly Pear
  • Just Berries
  • Classic Yummy Bubble Gum
  • Pairs of Pears
  • Raspberry (Manila)

Soo… I tried all these flavors as single mixes. First in low percentages, after that I tried the multi-flavors in 10% order, because sometimes that works amazing. (For example FW Red White and Blue at 5% is completely different to 10%, but still tasty)

It got close when you tasted the liquid itself, with this recipe:

Raw Pineapple (INAWERA)|1.00%
Red Fruits And Mint (INAWERA)|15.00%

After all, there was Pineapple mentioned in the flavor breakdown, right? Right. But this pineapple is different, it has a licorice taste to it and tastes more like the smell of ripe, uncut pineapple. With the green leaves mixed in. (It’s weird to explain, I think it’s some sort of freaky thing my brain does and don’t know if anyone can relate to this) Was just missing some sort of cooling agent, so just threw in some Koolada (or WS23, wich is basically the same) and tried some WS3 as an alternative.

WS23 solved in PG is a clear liquid, but if you mix it with VG it gets cloudy. I was down to very old Heisenberg bottles and they were crystal clear - so that couldn’t be right. Mixed WS3 looked clear, but the taste was off. Too menthol like (these sharp, mint notes) and not strong enough.

So I was in a dead end again, not finding out how to explain this. Luckily I left some of the WS23 in my room, where it got some sunlight and it turned clear within a week. That was not intended, but now I know that if you heat WS23-cloudy mixes or let them steep, they will clear up again.

Still something was off, so I thought I should look through a few other flavors. Did you know about Inawera exotic roots? This is one of the most disgusting flavors ever created. At least for me. Don’t bother to buy it, seriously. I found out Cherry Anise is not my cup of tea either.

I bought a few FW flavors again, because of the Kritikalmass “inside info”. Thought it could be Wintergreen, because I have no idea what it tastes like as it’s uncommon in germany. Surprise, it’s toilet freshner with a very harsh taste.

Anyway, I got back to the drawingboard and started all over again, taking into account my recollection of flavors I bought from Inawera, because that Red fruits and Mint was the closest I ever got. Started from there, added anise - but just a hint as it is not always present in Heisenberg.
Added the Coolada, to come closer and I was also sure about that one.

Tried the raw Pineapple again, but couldn’t nail down the sweetness and still there was some Mint missing. Increased the RFAM but finally settled for Black Currant to get this red-slightly sour-sweetness in the back of you mouth. Thought about what could possibly increase this toilet-freshner taste and remembered the cool-cassis-bubblegum taste from Blackfruit Mint.

There you have it. Adjusted 3 or 4 times the percentages and settled for the recipe.

Feel free to ask further questions, as this got really long now and I tried to keep it short…

Oh and I did not dabble with crystals. Never occured to me to make my own menthol flavor… and my appartment already looks like I’m cooking meth when I get my equipment out :frowning:


No …that was a great (Rabbit Hole) story to which ALL can relate. You set your sights on one of the hardest recipes and you never gave up …Cheers! :trophy:


Thanks :slight_smile: All the way I had the feeling I was alone in my search, because I was trying to engage other people but most didn’t want.

Did I mention that I came up with a bunch of recipes to cleanse my palate after the monstrocities I called a clone? For example my Basinth is a recipe that’s best fresh (don’t leave it steeping more than a week), no steep time needed. But it leaves a refreshing and uncommon taste in your mouth.
Or my FlueFix that will knock out any sinus-blockage withing 5 inhales. After that it’s just sweet goodness.

I developed a secret love for Capella Peppermint as it works out in so many profiles. Mix it with some creamy vanilla, or some red tasting fruits, or some sweet candies. Just fantastic…

Anyway, if you need a recipe cloned and have 2-3 years to spare - hit me up :slight_smile:.


Oh hang out and catch the fresh [REQ] Clone threads. ELR will keep you hooked.


Oh I hate all of you!! :angry:

Because this thread keeps popping up, I got curious and bought a 10ml bottle of this stuff to give it a try. Heck, I don’t even like mint vapes, but I just wanted to know what you’re all talking about.
The first puff really was a slap in the face. My god, how can anyone vape this cold blast??? It was a hot day though and walking through town puffing this stuff, it grew on me… vaped it some more when I got home and now I’m hooked :frowning:
I hate you guys so much… last thing I needed, another addiction!


That’s how meth works. It grows slowly on you :wink:

But you are lucky, you can make it on your own, with a few cheap ingredients! You can even make so much and start selling it to your friends and make a quick buck on the side :wink: . Just give them the first 10ml for free and they will come back begging for more.


Since I hear of the juice heisenberg I have the curiosity to taste, I will order the aromas and will be of this. What is the recommended maturation time for this clone?
Thanks Noilian for sharing and for your time dedicated to this :wink:


Just out of curiosity, until I get the flavors…
You say the juice is like 98% the same. Could you share what you think is that little bit different?
I suppose that since Coolada INW is a fairly new flavor, it’s not what VV has been using in their recipe… maybe Koolada or WS23 would be more appropriate?


Hey @Mandrax, thank you for the kind words. This juice doesn’t develop much if you let it mature (steep) - so just shake for a minute or 5 and you are good to go :slight_smile:.


@Suomynona If I knew what was going on here… Like I said in the thread below my recipe, I don’t think it’s important where you source your ws-23. Koolada is basically ws-23, there are minor differences from each manufacturer (meaning one does 10% WS23 and the other has 10.3%). But if you source the concentrated ws23 you should dilute it to 10% with pg. It’s the same as with menthol in my experience.
I guess there is a minor shifting needed between Blackcurrant, Blackfruit Mint and Red Fruits and Mint. I think the original is a little bit sweeter and the flavor seems to be more “intense” because of the sweetness. So maybe up the Blackcurrant a bit, lower the RFM to 10%. I play around a bit with these, but I don’t think I will update my recipe soon. It’s close enough and I’m not freaking out over 2%.


In my experience, koolada has a mint aspect to it.

WS-23 has no mint/menthol flavor.


I don’t know about Coolada from INV but Koolada from TFA is WS-3 with CAS# 39711-79-0.


Oh well, I compared my koolada to ws23 from rainbowvapes. They sell it premixed in a 10% solution and compared it directly to inw koolada. I couldn’t find a big difference in it. I will check my other kooladas for differences.