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The Provari thread


The V2.5 fires down to 1.2ohms, has a beveled top, and needs an adapter for a Kabuki, and a trim ring.
The V2.5 also requires button top batteries.

The Classic fires down to .9ohms, has a flat top, a Kabuki will spin right on it, and will take flat top 18650’s.

The P3 fires down to .5ohms, flat top, Kabuki ready, will take flat top batteries.

The Procyon fires down to .4ohms, flat top, Kabuki ready, flat top batteries.

The Radius fires down to .3ohms, flat top, Kabuki ready, flat top battery.




I don’t always drink Tequila but when I do…
I drink Silver Patron while vaping Bust A Nut on my Provari!:yum:


Time elevate your game my friend!
Anejo is the only way to “tequila”! :wink:

(And if price is an issue for Anejo Patron, then I strongly recommend Cuervo Tradicionale! Usually around $20-$25 a 5th, and smoother than a sheet of glass! I won’t touch any other Cuervo products with a 10 foot pole FWIW.)

Unless of course, you like the bite of reposado. =x


Hornitos Black Barrel + Limoncello


Sadly, but myself…and my tequila of the month club…is out of this at the moment

But no worries, have almost a case left of this

And a few of these for very special occasions …with very special people


I’m special!!! Pick me. :slight_smile:


The short bus will be 'round soon…
You and Sean and the pups are always my first stop, eh?
As Lucy would always say…as she helped me navigate the bus…


OK, not a ProVari, but a predecessor that I just found in a box while cleaning out the basement:



Got the box?
I wanna vape that.


I don’t have the box, but I have 2 of them. They’re pretty rusted and might not function at all.


the provari 2.5 seems to be a very reasonable prices product i thi k its cinsidered the mini , how is this product ??? IMO nothing is worth 200 to 300 dollars but these arent bad at all in prife id spend up to 100 but could i put any tank on one of these devices, it seems these are not meant for sub ohm tanks is this wrong ???


See post #41




heh Mean~! LoL


High performance end caps on sale…
also the Provarinati collector battery caps.



Some candy…and High Performance end caps for Classic and P3



I have my original Provari from the first run in Dec '10, and a P3 celtic knot when it was 1st released. Just got it updated to do subohm. I’ll have to get one of those super end caps.