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The Provari thread


Regular $27.95
They had the High Performance end caps last week at $19.95
Today they have them for $14.95
Satin silver only…still looks good on the Zombie and Gun metal ZenKote.



Beautiful big ass sale atm…



Don’t know what any of that is, but DAMN! I wanna drive it!


This is a kick ass price but get the 18650 extension cap


Hey @JoJo


AND…it’s free for the V 2.5…just check the box.
[V 2.5 takes button-top 18650’s]


Awesome price






i ordered two of the 2.5 for 20 each


im going to check those out first and see how i like them ty for the lead ive been talking to @Rob62 and think they will be good


Can I ask, what do you think makes the Provari good? Why does it have its own thread that keeps in circulation. What makes its special? Interested?



Watch these first


quality , quality , quality thats what ive gathered anyway some say when every other mod goes bad the provari will still be working


i :heart:’d my purple provari


Brilliant video, now to speak to the bank manager to get a loan. I was thinking through the video that this process has got to cost.

Is there a model would that would suit me I like to vape between 45 up to 70w I assume they are all vw with the boards and all. What’s the go?


go to the specials page for only 20 bucks you could get the 2.5


That will never be used![quote=“fidalgo_vapes, post:75, topic:88464, full:true”]
go to the specials page for only 20 bucks you could get the 2.5

It’s 2.9-6v , good to know the specials page is there. Do you have a provapes mod @fidalgo_vapes


ive been researching for awhile and just took advantage of the special so they should be here tmrw


Original Provari Owners Manual
Error codes on page 16



Hello Provari people :slight_smile: I wondered if you could recommend a tube style vw 20 ish watts that’s super tiny, like 4.5 inches or less? Provari’s are a little too pricey for my budget but figured you may know of something similar and small. I’ll be running it with Kayfun Mini V3, Siren GTA MTL and other 22mm rtas/rdas.


Perfect timing…get a Provari for $20…on sale now.