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The Wismec 510 strikes again


There’s lots of reports if the press fit 510 treads separating completely from the mod. Grimm Green reported that this has happened to his mod too. The one I have is starting to feel a bit loose and I only have it a week. Buyer beware when it comes it Wismec yet again.

Pugsley's all too familiar 'Déjà review' of the Wismec Predator 228 Elabo kit

I’ve just been talking to a guy over on POTV about this, I hadn’t heard about it…no surprises though really eh…I did say in my review :persevere:


The worse thing about it is that they took a short cut when they didn’t need to. It performs far better than the alien does.


I also started to get a sticky fire button the day before yesterday, I’d fire and it would carry on firing a second or 2 after I’d released, and the longer I fired it the longer it stayed on, so I updated the firmware and it seems to have sorted it, still…looking like it might of been rushed out maybe…


Sad to hear this. I’ve had mine for almost a month now and have been using it daily. So far still good. Knock on wood, or my head, whichever is closer.


That’s exactly what I thought too. I really does seem like a rush job. Why the fuck they wouldn’t make sure they got the 510 right is beyond me. I’m really impressed with the way it handles TC too, it’s a shame they had to go and fuck it up.


It is cheap though…can’t forget that, it’s barely a mid shelf mod, built to a price and mass produced, when i spend on another mod it’ll be a Whiterose, I rarely use anything else, already saving my Paypal for my next lol


I didn’t really pay much attention to the build quality. It’s going for around $40 on most of the Chinese sites and that seems about right to me. I can over look most things with a mod as long as the TC is good, and it really is on the Predator. Much better than the Alien. I’ve been saving towards a Whiterose mod too, Unfortunately the electric, phone and council tax bills can’t really see priorities the same way I do.


***Cough***Whiterose Mod won’t do that.Cough

Allergies you know.


When money is saved it is the last mod you will ever buy.


stupid bills…don’t they realise the importance of a whiterose mod??..ridiculous

I almost feel like emailing them and telling them so…

There should be a whiterose tax…goes out of your wages every month and then you get sent a mod when there’s enough…:grinning:


I don’t doubt that for a second.


I’m going for it on the next one, I know exactly what I want :ok_hand:


You won’t regret it.


I think you should run in the local elections here. I can get you an Irish passport no worries


oh I know…

I will have my collection…and this one WILL stay in the house…lol


Bullshit, you will take it on a date.


maybe a brief honeymoon…


Ha. I was sitting in the vape shop awhile back. The discussion was about Wismec. I ranted my troubles with the RX200 when they first came out. Also about the fact customer support never got back with me after numerous attempts to contact them. A customer calls in. A Wismec device wasn’t recognizing their atty, or any atty. I laughed. It’s really funny because I have been in their other times and heard the manager talking top someone about a failing Wismec device. I’ll never buy another Wismec product.


I would buy the Noisy Cricket II 25 all day long. Great mod. But out of the 3 Wismec devices I’ve owned, that’s the only one worth a crap. :frowning:

And don’t even get me started about the Theorem!