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The Wismec 510 strikes again


I didn’t know that was a Wismec. Meh, one I don’t need I guess lol.


I’m like mega-bum. I bought two of them. Love the feel. Love the mod. If it comes down to it I will apply my old buddy Gorilla Glue before I give up on it.


All the cheap brands are the same. I’ve had no problems with my Joyetech and Wismec mods but nothing but trouble with the Alien and OSUB from Smok. It’s just the luck of the draw. Many people are just the opposite. I am thinking about selling all of my mods and getting a couple high end mods. Maybe a Yihi G Class and one of the new DNA75 with the color screen.


No offense to Whiterose but I am not in to box mods. They look to be very well constructed and the attention to detail is really nice. He is definitely a craftsman. If he made mods that had curves and contours I would be all over it. I am sure that I am not alone in this opinion.


He does make them with curves - i hope to be posting a pic of mine soon - i don’t want to post in progress pics yet - but mine is limitless lux shape and size.


Did you ever ask him?


I won’t be buying a Wismec product anytime soon. They take too many shortcuts when it isn’t that much to do it right. On top of that, they don’t listen to their customer base. They’re playing potentially dangerous games and don’t give a damn.


Wismec likely felt they had to get something to market to compete with the Alien. It’s just unfortunate they took shortcuts to get it to market sooner. But that seems to be their MO, so I’m not really surprised.

And this is why, as a general rule, I always recommend waiting until a mod has been on the market for a minimum of six months before purchasing any of the budget mods on the market. I just think there is zero reason to buy any newly released mod unless you’re willing to be a guinea pig. For example if you’re trying to establish yourself as a reviewer and drive traffic to your site or just have money to throw around on the latest thing… I get that, but outside of that… nope.

Certain DNA mod manufacturers I’ll violate that general rule, but only because I’m familiar with the board and the reputation of the company.


GrimmGreen just posted a video of this, it’s a long one although he tells you all about the dodgy press fit 510 within the first few minutes and does a demonstration.

Scary stuff…


With you there @LordVapor I had heard of them although wouldn’t waste cash on them.

So many bad reviews, mainly the 510, not coming off like the Predator 228, just generally screwing up and shorting tanks out.

Not good.


I have purchased almost all of the Pioneer iPV mods as soon as they showed up at my local vape shop. Not one ever failed me. I have however had every DNA device I have owned fail on me. Two of them have failed twice. Each required a new board.



So glad I didn’t take the plunge with the predator.


Only one I’ve owned was the iPV4 and it had that shoddy charge port. It burned up on me so I returned it. I liked the menu structure and the vape quality was great. Just kinda soured me from buying any more P4U.


Sweet! I look forwad to the pics.


No, I gues I shouldnt have assumed. My bad.


Contrast that with me. The only IPV I bought failed on me on my ride home from picking it up. But no DNA has failed yet…nothing. Not a single glitch of any kind. However…and this is a big however… if you’ve paid attention to any of my prattling on about Evolv -

I probably won’t ever buy another DNA or any other mod except from Whiterose. Sure, the DNA I got from him is great, but the NLPWM one is just super duper badass. I love that mod and it doesn’t make me miss my beloved temperature control in the least. Nuff said. Still use my DNA’s, but not nearly as much.

As for Wismec, again, the Noisy Cricket II has been very solid. I actually can compare it to the WR NLPWM to a good extent in how it vapes. But it’s solidly built - even the plate that you can switch to go from series to parallel doesn’t seem janky but rather a good solid item.

I hate hearing about Wismec losing people’s confidence. There are few brands in the vape world that mean anything, and sadly it looks like they went for a quick buck rather than customer loyalty. No worries. @Whiterose0818 has all the loyalty he needs and these big companies could learn a lot from him.


Small sample size from anecdotal evidence. Just because you haven’t had any problems doesn’t mean there aren’t any common problems or that P4U doesn’t hit or miss with their mods. This is admitted from even P4U fans I’ve come across. Or just because all your DNAs have failed doesn’t mean that’s a common problem (it depends from manufacturer to manufacturer, HCigar are known for their notoriously bad soldering jobs in some of their models). DNA mods also have a better reputation and a couple different avenues to try and get warranty work done on it–from the manufacturer directly or from Evolv if it’s board related. I’m trying to look at the big picture, not just my own personal experience with devices but from all the data I’ve come across on forums and reddit.

I have only ever had one P4U mod (IPVd3) and I had to return it the same day I received it due to a faulty 510. Received it, screwed an atty on it, worked for about 3 drags, then started reading my resistance wrong no matter what atty it was, the atty’s read fine on other mods. I don’t hold it against that particular model or P4U, because most others say it’s a great mod and every manufacturer will have a certain amount of defective mods that pass QC even the more expensive mod manufacturers. I’m not intending to single P4U out or any manufacturer, it’s just the reality of buying electronics… There are definitely some great P4U mods out there. IPV5 is one I have in mind, IPV8 definitely looks promising but I’m still wouldn’t feel comfortable recommend it just based on how new to the market it is.

Anyway, you missed my point. My point is that budget mods are budget mods for a reason. If you’re comfortable being a guinea pig, that’s fine. But if you are choosing to buy a newly released device just don’t be surprised if it has its faults. Hence my general rule: give new mods at least six months to get a more complete picture of a device’s pros and cons.


Just curious, what does it do better than the Alien 220w?


It does temperature control better than the Alien, in that its TC actually works,