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The Wismec 510 strikes again


Oh nowonder, I haven’t noticed since I don’t use TC. I do know that they released a firmware update for it in January or February that was focused on improving the TC. That really sucks because the Alien 220w is is such a great form factor and all of the other features work so well.


I don’t use power mode at all. I can only imagine how bad the TC used to be if the newest firmware made it better lol



Have to disagree with you on this one. I’ve been using it in temp mode and the Alien definitely out performs the predator in temp mode. I’ve been using a SS coil in my crown 2.


The TC on my Alien is nowhere near as good as my Cuboid, Cuboid Mini or RX200s. Hell, even the TC in my Coolfire IV TC100 is better than the Alien.


I’ll second that. Every mod I’ve had or tried is better in TC than the alien.


I forget who posted but I also vouch for the Noisy Cricket II-25. In my book its probablh the most versatile semi-mech mod on the market to date. I believe the Jaybo Wismec stuff is a little better than regular Wismec crap, but thats just an opinion. The 510 on the NC-2 is pretty solid and the whole thing feels damn well built, and im not going to say “for a low price mod”, it really feels solid all around. You cant beat a mech that does ALL things…parallel, full series, and variable voltage series. Its ahead of its time in my eyes lol


Jaybo have a very good quality to price ethic, they would probably be able to charge more if they weren’t tethered to Wismec IMO, they deliver time and again, as for the Cricket II well…I have one…but it was mad from the start, I get a day/few hours before it plays up and becomes unusable but when it works I have to agree it’s an amazing device, it seems my problem is isolated though…been tempted for a while to buy one (this one was sent for review)


I wonder if it has something to do with the contact chip under the battery door? If those little contacts dont line up or connect with each other, it would make it act wierd I’m sure. There not a whole lot of complicated stuff going on so it has to be that or the fire button. I hate you got a lemon man. Hopefully the new one works great!


the weird thing is…the longer I leave it alone, the longer it lasts the next time I use it, I used it last week for the first time in months, lasted all day pretty much, but i tried it again this morning after you mentioned it and it lasted 15 minutes, it starts to flash randomly, cuts the fire short and then stops working altogether…never had another mod act like that so I really don’t know what it is


Wow that is wierd. I thought I had a good answer but realized I don’t! Lol


What ohm build you using? I know if I put a really low ohm build on (say around 0.2 - 0.15) in series and I get the flashy thing, I just turn down the volts a touch. May have to do this a couple times. Not saying that’s the case with yours, but it is a protective feature of the mod.


I’m usually around .2 …but it works fine for a while before it goes on one so you would think it would do that all the time with the same build?..


That’s where I’m at, I noticed my tank was alittle crooked the other day…so when it happens it’s gonna see some kind of glue.
I was really happy with this mod, till now.


Gorilla glue is some pretty amazing stuff. Locktight also makes an epoxy weld that I think would do the trick. Worse comes to worse and there isn’t enough surface area, I guess one could get a heat sync adapter from fastech and glue the bottom fin to the top of the mod. Not the most eloquent fix but it would work. And of course who knows, maybe all of them will not work loose. Guess it depends on the origin of the failure. Worth a try for me because I really enjoy using the mods.


Good news from Wismec! Just saw on a video from DJlsb done at the UK VaperExpo that Wismec fixed the Predator 510. The 510 is now being pressed in from the bottom and will no longer pull away from the device. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hqvxon7o9gY See time 3:24.


Nice! Wonder if they are replacing all the faulty ones they already sold?


I’ve gotten no recall from them. I have one that the 510 did come loose on and a little super glue and a clamp fixed it fine. I have a second one that is newer and I believe I got the new 510 with it. They’re sill pretty mediocre as far a performance but I do like the squeeze fire bar and hand fit. For just banging around during the day, they get the job done.


So far so good with mine, the 510 connector is still in place, even after having to use pliers to remove a stuck RTA. I didn’t care for the Jay Bo’s reaction when Daniel asked the question. It came across to me as smug, condescending and with a complete lack of care for the people who bought the ones with the defective connectors. That has kinda turned me off from considering future Wismec purchases.

On second thought, maybe he is just really stoned? Kinda like…

I’m having another issue that I just noticed today. I thought my ohm readings seemed off, but never really paid attention to it until today. I thought it was just my poor memory. I am pretty consistent with my coil builds, but sometimes they end up a little higher than normal. I just built a coil that measured 0.57 on the Coil Master Tab 521. I put it on the Predator, and it showed a reading of 0.77. I thought maybe after the wicking and priming, the coil got a bit wonky (has happened), but when I put it back on the Tab 521, it read 0.57. So back on the Predator, and still 0.77. Then, I put it on the Smok Alien, it read 0.57. I even put it on an old Eleaf iStick 50W, and it read 0.6, which is fine because the RTA was still a bit warm. Anybody else notice this? The firmware is up to date.


My Predators have turned out to be real bottom feeders. I watched on video where the mod was disassembled and the e-juice cleaned out of the firing switch. Per this video, juice leaks in through both the firing bar and the 510. Gunked up both the firing switch and the 510. I know mine will sporadically stop firing and start again as well as the well known delayed start up after sitting. I have relegated them to mods I use while working in the yard or doing other tasks where I don’t want to chance a good mod getting messed up. And yes, to the point of reading resistance, I have seen numerous instances where they are way off. I don’t want to mess around with disassembling the things every couple of weeks because I believe the problems are deeper than just the e-juice contamination. I also had a 510 pull out and I super glued it. Works as good as it ever did. I think shortly they will become landfill.