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The World Cup GIVEAWAY - $96 Kit Prize From GearBest.com


Dear members,

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---------------------------Giveaway Closed----------------------------------
Dear friends,

The World Cup is going more and more excited, who is the final winner in your mind???
Here we prepared the value of $96 USD “Geekvape Aegis Legend Kit TPD Version” for a lucker of this giveaway.

How to enter:

  1. Write down the team name you support.
  2. Tag 2 of your friends to like your comment.
  3. You must be 21+ years old.

Time to join:
Giveaway will end at 23:00, Jul 15th in Beijing Time.

How to pick winner:
We will randomly choose one friend to send out the prize on 2018-07-16, in Beijing Time.

Welcome to leave your comment and let’s see who is the lucky one!

Winner announcement:
Congratulation @Lolly to be our winner!! Thank for other friends` participation and support for Gearbest.com.
Keeping following us, we will host more giveaways like this.

Nice day

Click the picture to know more details about the prize.

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You guys may have missed this one it was misplaced.


@woftam @marsh855


@Trimzee @Scatz @DardyVape England


England :soccer:


@Lolly @Mew @Pro_Vapes @vap @Mark_Turner
@CosmicTruth @Laura5 @robin @VladVlad @Nextron

  1. Panama :panama:

  1. @Krystallyne @Pedals4coffee


#1. Detroit Tigers


#2. @DaveDave @Tara9






1 Belgium :smiley:

  1. @Sprkslfly @jmiller2 @Mark_Turner @Nextron




@jhmiller @VladVlad


(But I still think Coca Cola or Adidas will win)


@GPC2012 @Mew


Brazil :soccer:


@MisterSinner @Pro_Vapes