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There's a new sweetener out there!


http://forum.e-liquid-recipes.com/users/PiMpDaDdY is the creator and it’s an incredible sweetener with no aftertaste.

Sneek peak at private recipe. Did I screw up?

For all you challenged decoders, beat cha:

What am I doing wrong? No flavor

LOL I just had a chance to try it


The ingredients of it are not listed anywhere, what’s it made of?
How does it compare to Pyure Stevia?


that is something i think should be known , not the recipe but at least the composition


Yep I’d love to know what’s in it too.


Agreed but it seems to make all the mixes containing it 5 stars so it must be good stuff!


Well not all, only about half… Lmao


Paging @Pentine


i hope it is , i just mixed Erythritol and LS Pyure 80/20 because some mixes need a bit of sweetness and its not too bad the Erythritol toned down the bitter after taste of the pyure but to find something like sugar would be greeeat, i just wont use it unless i know what it is


It is not like the guy invented a new molecule, he is using something that is already in existence. So by providing the composition, it would pretty much be giving away the secret recipe/ ingredient. Unfortunate, but unless someone like the FDA steps in, it is his call to make on what information he provides.

I am sure he is not the first to utilize it, there are probably other companies that have been using it, even if it is not his version/ production of the ingredient into a ‘sweetener’.

We already know of agave, sucralose, EM, erythritol, stevia, and ??? What other sweeteners are there? I can tell you it is probably not dextrose; I tried that and it did NOT work.

But I am curious about it, I had contacted them asking when they put it out as I am always on the prowl for a new sweetener. Might get some just to try it out.


I have no idea what he used all I know is it works. He sent this to me to test out and I’ve just gotten around to mixing with it.


Hope your not SF that @ 8 % tho.


Sorry you lost me on the lingo SF


I let him know you guys were asking questions over here so hopefully he’ll show up and answer what I can’t I’m just the taste tester LOL


I was referring to this


Just purchased some but trying to figure out how to get the payment to go through. What the hell is e-transfer?


Wut we need is a bottle of this miracle sauce and a free chem mapping lol. I agree that this is most certainly something already in existence and being that it can mimic cotton candy its most likely got a small amount of EM


Well I hope it’s not this…


Maybe he is utilising Molasses… :confused: