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There's a new sweetener out there!


Most likely a delicate blend of the slightly sweet tears of a unicorn, the bright, succulent sugary punch of the coveted deep sea sugar cane of Atlantis, and just a dash of the sweat off Bill Nye’s science brow


Sounds delectable… :smile:


That’s gotta be it…now to figure out exact measurements :thinking:


I would go super easy on the sweat of Bill Nyes science eyebrow :laughing:


Yeah that’s potent stuff! I agree, one or two drops is plenty and will surely leave any mix just brimming with sweet wisdom. It’s like dry humping your lungs if u under do it with the sweat of the science brow tho, too little too late and you’re left needing more




Maybe the whole blend gets steeped in an old technaflora bottle? The remnants of all those carbs must do something magical we can’t even wrap our futile minds around


Heres a good list but theres no monk friut on it ?https://liveto110.com/complete-list-of-artificial-sweeteners/


They clearly forgot the most potent sweetener known to man…


i dont agree with you here , all he has to do is say it this and that , just like tpa does and others know one is asking for ratios and if it does have EM in it ill pass , too many flaves already use enough of that shit , anyway let us know what you think , personally i wont buy it if i cant at minimal know it does not contain EM or sucralose


now thats something id like to try


I am with you, I don’t need to know the %'s, simply the composition. Reading his notes on it on the recipe side, he stated “all ingredients used to making this wonderful sweetener is already used in the vaping market.”

I do have some monk fruit sweetener from nude nicotine. Thinking about it, it was slightly yellow.

What color was the sweetener you received and tested?


You are 100% correct.
Anyone selling something that people inhale should be willing to tell people what’s in it.
There’s a massive difference between listing ingredients and giving away a recipe.


Hi Guys and Gals…
I’m the creator of this new Sugardaddy Sweetener…
I see there are questions about the ingredients of this stuff…
I’ll give ya the short list…
A small amount of distilled water (helps to dissolve the crystals)
That’s it…the secret is figuring out the proper % for each so there isn’t that nasty after taste like regular sweetener. It has an authentic taste of sugar…it gunks coils much less and it has the kick of CAP super sweet.
It was quite the challenge but the results came out better than I hoped.
If you have any questions…please don’t hesitate to send them my way.
Or you can join my group on FB.
Canadian DIY Eliquid HQ.


Sugar daddy sweetner

The color is completely clear…no discoloration. :grin:


Sweet! (Pun intended.) Thanks for that list! I’m intrigued by the combo of sucralose, stevia, and erythritol. I use that combo in food with awesome results so I can definitely see it being a nice mix in an ejuice. I’m always little bit leery about EM, but I’m taking a wild guess that the amount of it in your sweetener is low…maybe? Anyway, I think I’d definitely try this…although the link that @Brotherbob posted shows $4 for 10ml which is pretty steep. Is it available to purchase anywhere else at a lower price?


When you use it as flavor stand alone or in a mix as well?


‘‘It has an authentic taste of sugar’’ so IMO don’t think so, but if you add 1-2% of this sweetener then yes in your final mix will be low.


Sucralose - 0.2%
Stevia - 0.5%
Erythritol - 5%
EM - 0.2%

Erythritol - https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/56h9ag/erythritol_placebo_bullshit_at_its_finest/ ???