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There's a new sweetener out there!


Thank you.


You can dilute on higher %'s erythritol if you add some water. But the use of erythritol is almost always in combination with stevia. Stevia is 150 times the sweetness of sugar, erythritol is about 60%-70% so the mix off this 2 gives a final 100% like sugar. Erythritol used to calm down the taste of stevia and mosty help stevia to flow. So IMO is useless for vape.


I had to do quite a few trials to get the taste correct.
The authentic taste of sugar is of each their own palette…it’s about as close as I was able to get without sacrificing flavor, less gunking and discoloration of cotton.
The price tag for this stuff is average for Canada…keep in mind that this is Canadian funds and if you are in the states you are going to have a lower price due to the exchange.
Right now The Broke Vaper is the only seller for my product.
I’m hoping to get a few shops in the U.S to stock this soon.

Everyone that has done the drop to mouth test all have stated that it tastes like table sugar…again, the % used for each ingredient are meant to compliment each other…and yes the EM also has a role.
So far I haven’t had one single customer complain about it…if anything it’s been 100% positive feedback
The only way to really know is to ask someone who has tried it or to try this product in your mixes.
Already some ppl have posted that they have thrown out their “usual go to” sweetener and replaced it with SugarDaddy.



Have played around with this combination for over a year, in fact I’m sure I posted my findings on here back then?
What I found was that the Ethrynol plays a very good part in cancelling out the stevia aftertaste but didn’t actually add much sweetness to the mix.
I also used basically my Pyure clone as the basis for my mix with 5% Sucralose and 0.5% Ethrynol.
Here is the Pyure clone for anyone wishing to experiment with this.

I have to add that I found no part for the EMin the mix as it didn’t offer anything that I could distinguish?


Wonderful, we appreciate the response. Just finished putting my order through, this morning.

When you say the short list, does this mean there are other ingredients? I am not looking to vape any other additives/ preservatives such as sodium benzoate.

I would have emailed you this question, but to save you from getting the same question from others, I figured I would post it here.


thank you very much , lots of respect for that


Worm all of my recipes are 5 star hahahahaha


I used it as a flavor concentrate


yes woftam just showed me this he uses it as well do you use the bragg apple cider vineger??


The feedback I have received from at least 2 dozen users that have used this on their existing recipes have stated that this sweetener lowers the high sharp notes while bringing out the lower ones without having a muting effect.
The average % they use is around 1%.
I tinkered with all the ingredients and have noticed that by adding a bit of this and that…the EM does have it’s role.


The only other ingredient I left out from the list is Citric acid.
The only role this has acts as a preservative.


Yes, but I have also used a supermarket own brand with the same results.


I’m just stating my own personal tasting and I honestly didn’t find much,if any of a difference adding the EM?
I did use it in very small % as I am mindful of the muting effects this has in higher %.


I have no control as to how high they use this sweetener. lol
8%…that’s the first I hear of it. haha.


You’ll need to try it Chewy…it’s not the same at all. Totally different. :slight_smile:


It all sounds good and now that u have stated what it contains, i think a lot of peps be more willing to give it a go. I wish u the best of luck and am sure the community would prefer supporting one of their own as opposed to a huge flavor company. Hopefully u can get a vendor in the us to carry which would be the next big step.


Thanks Worm1…
I will be trying to get this out to the U.S soon.


This is meant to be used with concentrates although some have been using it as a standalone which I find surprising.


thats the LS pyure i have