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Titanium Super Sub-Ohm Build aka Deep Water


Funny you should mention too tight.

I shredded my first o-ring last night recoiling the R2. Luckily the R2 came with a spare.

I think if you crank it too tight then the o-ring will pop.

I don’t think there is any issue over tightening as far as juice flow is concerned.

Check out CAPPY VAPES on YouTube. He mentions sliding the white silicon top cover over so that only half the juice fill is showing which supposedly helps with wicking somehow.



i just checked out his channel and all his vids are 7 months old or older…could you just liunk it to me? you totally have my attention!
plz and 10-Q


i think i have found it


for the sake of not having to watch them all…which vid?


This was the single RBA section vid where he talks about the silicon plug at the top helping with wicking.



This is the difference uncleaned in the 26 and 22g

@Pattie here’s those wires.

As you can see the 22g almost looks like a plastic encased wire. Weird.

@Pattie as for why the 22g tastes better than the 26g. I could t honestly answer for sure. @Pro_vapes thinks it could be the added surface area coupled with the lower ohms.

PV maybe better placed to answer why it tastes better. I was merely pointing out that it does lol.



My guess: The matte layer is titanium oxide. It’s a protective layer on the pure titanium. You can remove it, but the oxide layer is quickly regenerated. When pure titanium is subjected to air or water, an oxide layer forms to protect it…

It could also just be dirt :smiley: hehe

As for the taste? It could be the larger surface area of the 22g - Especially if the wire is matte like that! :smile:


EDIT: @Jondamon, it actually looks like both wires are matte like that, but it’s more evident on the larger diameter wire (perhaps because of the larger diameter) - Look closely at the first photo :smile:


My 22g has more of silver appearance.

.5mm on top, 22g below.


Could just be lighting in the photo. Both have that rough looking surface :smile:


I see what you mean coating looks completely different. I’ll have to order some 22g and give it a try but at the moment i see, even just using ti now for a couple of hours, what a vast difference in taste there is. Very pleased. Glad i jumped on the ti band waggon. Thanks mate.


@Pro_Vapes just a query mate. Any idear why 22g tastes better than 26g ref @Jondamon?


True but it came off a lot easier on that 26g than the 22g lol.

I actually purchased 650/1000/1500/2000/2500 grit sandpaper to try a little polishing of wire before use.

I had no idea I would need to use it for the Ti wire lol.

If you look at both the 6 wrap coils I made quickly neither have been cleaned prior to wrapping them ( I only wrapped them to show the difference) see how the 26g looks more reflective.




Out of interest @daath and @Pro_Vapes
Do you guys think I’m doing the right thing by sanding it down slightly to remove the Titanium Oxide?

Could it just be cleaned using alcohol as much as possible then wrapped and used?

Just curious.



I don’t think it’s needed. I would try the alcohol or wash with dish detergent and keep wiping it until nothing shows on a paper towel or cloth. That was what I did before the USC method.


I agree with @Pro_Vapes, it doesn’t seem necessary - the oxide is re-formed rapidly anyway. BUT, what you’re doing might be cleaning dirt that’s IN the rough surface, so in that regard, it might be good. Personally, I’m happy just to clean mine with wipes and alcohol :smile:

EDIT: I clean them until there is no trace of impurities left on the tissue :smile:


@daath @pro_vapes

Thnx guys.

I wiped and cleaned the wire until nothing was coming off on tissues etc but just thought “that can’t be right” lol. “Metal should be shiny” lol.

Next build will be wiped until clean and no residue is coming off.

Then I’ll leave a note just in case for the wife that says @daath and @pro_vapes told me it was ok so she can read it at my eulogy lol.



True, but…

Titanium readily reacts with oxygen at 1,200 °C (2,190 °F) in air, and at 610 °C (1,130 °F) in pure oxygen, forming titanium dioxide.[8] It is, however, slow to react with water and air, as it forms a passive and oxide coating that protects the bulk metal from further oxidation. When it first forms, this protective layer is only 1–2 nm thick but continues to slowly grow; reaching a thickness of 25 nm in four years…

Sooo, how thick is a nm. Is it actually thick enough for us to see the difference as those 2 wire? I can say I have 2 different looking wires myself now. I wonder if I can even clean this stuff I got…


My point was that it is not necessary to remove it, but by removing it, you might be cleaning stuff from the tiny grooves and crevices :slight_smile:

But! We can see the oxide layer, as it forms a sheen across the metal, and it is not a completely uniform layer, further easing the detection :smile:

Your naked eye can see objects of any size, if they emit or scatter enough light to trigger its detector cells. Light visible from the star Deneb covers a minuscule fraction of your visual field (its ‘angular diameter’ is 0.0024 arcseconds). A light-emitting object seen as the same size when 15cm from your face, would be 1.75 nanometres wide. That’s only about 10 times the width of an atom of gold! And you can ‘see’ smoke and fog, even when their constituent particles are too small to pick out.
What is limited is the eye’s resolution: how close two objects can become before they blur into one. At absolute best, humans can resolve two lines about 0.01 degrees apart: a 0.026mm gap, 15cm from your face.
In practice, objects 0.04mm wide (the width of a fine human hair) are just distinguishable by good eyes, objects 0.02mm wide are not.


I’ll take your word for that. I’m just wondering if the differences in these wires are actually Titanium Oxide. I’m guessing if it truly is Titanium Oxide then we’re getting wire that been laying around a long time. Either that or the manufacturer is doing a piss poor job of clean up during the manufacture…


Yeah, my 22g Ti came in today…:smile: