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Titanium Super Sub-Ohm Build aka Deep Water


Directed to all, not just our friendly host:
Not to be a pedant, but this part is right, some of the rest is misleading. Light we see ranges from roughly 400 to 750nm in wavelength, to first order “size.” Unlike a gigantic star (which significantly, is an emiitter, not a simple reflector like dust or fog), however far away, a 25nm dot or even a film (which we can see when thinner than the wavelength due to interference effects) will not scatter light that we can see…25nm is xray territory, we can’t see it. That said it has little to do with vaping or the overarching point(s). I’m a light guy, had to chime in.

Titanium is so reactive with oxygen that it is, or perhaps just was, used as solid rocket fuel by the Russians. You can put it in the most pristine vacuum that humans are capable of producing and it will still form an oxide. That oxide is so impervious and well attached to the underlying metal that it prevents further corrosion very well…you don’t need to paint titanium to keep it from rusting…even titanium exhaust headers don’t rust (they do turn beautiful colors.) The point is, the TiO2 ain’t coming of for you to inhale PERIOD. Finally, go have a look at the ingredients listed on your toothpaste tube or nearly any food article that is a brilliant white color. Right there at the end of the ingredients list you are almost certain to find titanium dioxide.

Please, let us stop the misguided fear of titanium. Im not even worried about the flavors that much. If anything I’m inhaling significant volumes of a pretty good organic solvent, PG. I am nearly 100% organic, save some titanium of my own, and just a tad worried about that one. But, even PG vapor/aerosol has been studied a fair bit and it’s deemed merely a nuisance by the trusty old US government.

To be clear I’m not ranting here or directing this at any individuals, just spreading a little knowledge.


I was curious what I would get if I put the maximum number of wraps possible using 22ga Titanium. Boy howdy, this was hard for me. I don’t have the greatest dexterity in the world and hey, have I mentioned I wear a size 14-1/2 ring? Big fingers make for tedious work on small stuff. Anyway, this is what I came up with. I wouldn’t say this has tons more flavor, but it has some. And I wouldn’t say this is a better build than the six wraps @pro_vapes did, it’s not. What I found was this has a much longer ramp up time. You don’t go into temp protection (490F) on the first drag. In fact I was able to get like 3 good drags on this before going into temp control. Once it reaches temp you can chain vape the hell out of it as it seems to run a bit cooler. I’m not promoting this build or anything. In fact this is probably the only time I’ll do it. I just wanted to share.

Edit - forgot to mention this build came in a 0.1 ohm.


Is that on the cube?


Yes, that’s the TFV4 with dual coil RBA.


Even on MAX? What do you usually go with?


I’ve been using normal. But comparatively though it doesn’t matter. If on normal on the six wrap and this one, there’s where the difference is.

I just tried on Max. It did ramp up faster - near the end of the second drag - and activated temp control. These are like 2 second drags so nothing huge. Probably happen on the first if taking a 4-5 second drag.


Finally got my double deck in just in time for my Ti TC to stop working along with the freaking app. Hating Smok, paranoid, let’s move on I have an IPV3S LI coming shortly. So, I don’t have any 22ga, but I have (on the low side) some 24, 20…and 18ga.

Any requests for a first double build? I don’t quite have the stones to wrap this monster wire without input. I prefer a hard fast hit.


18g and 20g Ti may build too low on a double. The 24g @ 6 spaced wraps with a 2.5MMS ID should get you around 1.2-1.5 ohms. That should be a very good vape.


Is that really 1.2 ohms, is the decimal point in the right place? Seems high, is that per coil?

incidentally, I have been thinking if a guy intentionally grew on oxide on the titanium (this by the way could be called/known as anodization depending on the method used to do it) you could probably electrically insulate the loops of a contact coil from one another.

please, TiO2 paranoids just keep on walking. I’ll call it a metallic core ceramic heater if it keeps your undies dry, but really, let’s not beat that IMO dead horse.

Airflow may suffer and I don’t have a gut on thermal performance…it just might be an interesting thing to try. I’ll report if I find a good (at home) way of growing the oxide, which would need to be before winding…which probably blows the whole idea…I don’t want to crack the oxide, break the isolation, and most importantly shed particulate into my juice. Anyway, a thought.


24ga Ti1 dual 6 wraps with ID of 2.5mm would hit you at 0.08 ohms. That according to Steam Engine which I’ve found quite accurate. Sorry to butt in PV but I couldn’t figure out where you got those calculations.


Sorry…Brain fart. It should have been, .12-.15 my bad.

If you build a spaced wrapped coil and continually pulse it slow tio2 will oxidize on the coils. I’ve done it before. Once you build the oxidized insulation, gently squeeze the wraps together. Ti really softens when hot so I think it can be done.

My exposure level to Tio2 on a regular basis…

I filled this bag and thousands of others over the last 35 yrs. No respirator, just uniforms and gloves. I’ve breathed and have been contaminated with Tio2 so many times, that if it was as deadly as so many think it is, I would have left this planet a few decades ago.


It varies depending on the leg length. I’m actually enjoying 22g 6 wrap 2.5 id ti as I type. It’s running at .08. So I figure 24g will be slightly higher.


Thank you so much Pro_Vapes. That was some coil porn. I was advised to order 24 awg titanium A1, so I guess I have to order some 22 and 20 awg too. But could those gauges be used on a Zephyrus tank? And what kind of builds would you recommend on Velocity deck in a Steam Crave aromanizer? And finally, what gauges are suitable for stainless steel 316 for TC?
Thank you again
Cheers from Norway


I used .5mm in my Zeph. I prefer and use .5mm and 22g Ti in all my equipment. Use whatever gauge Ti wire you are comfortable with. I like at least a 2.5mm ID in my tanks and with low gauge Ti it’s almost impossible to fit it in some tanks. So keep your deck size in mind when buying wire.

Maybe someone that use SS can direct you on what gauge to use.


Do you have a picture of your Velocity build?


I haven’t even tried titanium or ss yet . Only ni200. I haven’t recived my ordered wires yet .So you’re advices are highly appreciated . I trird to build on a Cthultu clone from fast tech yesterday wit 28 gauge kanthal, but it leaked like eating soup with a fork. Can’t remember who on youtube who was showing me his method


I’ve mostly been using 24 & 26 awg 316l & 317l stainless steel with ID of 2.5 mm with very good results.
When you do your build using steam engine be sure to check out the heat flux. Hope this helps a bit. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::dash::dash::dash:


I would not buy 20ga Ti. . .I have like 15 meters of it and I’ve wound one coil that would fit and fire, and that was in the Advken Ohm ega. . .and that build pretty much sucks. I have the same length of 18ga (which is 1mm OD) . . .was hopping to build ridiculous dripper at some point.


well thank you sir finally got the flavor plus clean running RTA single coil 22 GA Ti .09 opus DNA 200 with Goliath v 2 Punch watts 70 33 watts run 450 F going to stick with it for awhile and enjoy but all ready thinking double coil 3 m center RTA .07 got mutation indulgences but looking two post any suggestions on Velocity deck