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Titanium Wire... Prep and Use


Turns out my pseudo-TC Dovpo hates nickel and really likes Titanium…works like a charm. No problems with reading the wrong resistance after it goes to sleep and wakes up and no issues so far of going into Temp Protect prematurely. So that means I’ve got two TC setups going! Woohoo!

I like the Titanium a lot. That being said, either I’m doing it wrong, I got subpar titanium, or there was a little exaggeration going on. I don’t think it’s worlds better than the SS I was using, but it’s definitely good and I’m glad I’ve got it. I will say I feel that SS and Ti are both worlds better than either nickel or kanthal. So thanks for the, uh…encouragement (read: peer pressure). :wink:


Vaped a quarter of a tank on it, and it works perfectly! I’ll revisit the Vapor Tech wire at some point, but I don’t think I did much differently with the Unkamen wire. I’m chalking my initial bad experience up to sub-par wire. I’m also really happy with the unique spool Unkamen came on. It’s quite nifty the way it hangs onto your wire end.


I am using it on the crown, still having wicking issues, any advice



I have done this, it still seemed to dry out


If you feel like modding your RBA deck, @Pro_Vapes and @quitter1 have both drilled out their juice channels to provide more juice flow. Crown Subtank Rebuild Deck Picture Tutorial Otherwise you may have to wick looser or turn down the wattage.


You need to open your juice slots. They are to small to wick fast and keep up with your vape.


Nice, just curious, how big did you go?


My channels are almost double the original size. I use a lot of cotton to keep them from leaking. I don’t S wick but I’m sure that will work with the large juice ports.


it’s about 3mm


Ok, will get out the old drill and see what I can do


What wicking material do you guys use?


I use organic cotton.


I used a needle file…


How long did that take


It is already so much better, and I did not even go too much bigger


Anyone tried lighting vapes Ti ? I’m wondering as I look at my coil if it’s safe to use - It seems a bit less springy and definately clean compared to Unkamen but I would like input


been using it for some time pro vape has a link with tons of info my self 8 raps of titanium double coil spaced i have made Clapton builds on the RDA in your pic get the ohms down close or below .1 be like 5/6 raps of what you have of coarse check the ohms first

and clean the wire before you make your coil enjoy i build between 0.05/ 0.9 and get best flavor ever


Ya- had decent luck with Unkamen but very dirty- the lighting vapes seems more suitable. I do wonder what process it goes thru as it is a golden rainbow color ? I would think its ok? I do get a slight sensation of having metal in my mouth at times though so not sure. The build above is .14


It doesn’t matter if it “seems” clean or dirty, you should always clean prior to use. So if it’s Ti1 I say go with whoever is cheapest.

As for the rainbow color, sounds like it may be annealed.