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Titanium Wire... Prep and Use


Yep I use 91% isopropyl and a rag then rinse. Can never be too clean!!:grinning:


I recently picked up an ultrasonic cleaner and stole the idea from @Pro_Vapes (thanks by the way…genius) to clean the whole spool at once. Now I don’t know if this would be good for something wound tightly or something very springy to loosen it up, but for the 22ga Ti I get it worked wonders!


I got my titanium from fasttech. Possibly not the best place to get it from, but it works great and I like it. I wash it, but before I did the first time, it didn’t have any kind of residue. I tried wiping it with an alcohol wipe and a regular paper towel and nothing came off. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Only reason I got it from them was I was ordering stuff anyway and threw it in as kind of an afterthought. :smile:


A Guru of sorts named D.Jaquith said the most accurate Ti he ever bought and he’s bought a lot was from fasttech and it was one of the cheapest ones they offer I was messaging with him the other day and he is going to try platinum, yes platinum 24g. 6inches @ 70 bucks he says you only live once Lol- I know it is an extremely clean metal but would hate to pay for that-


That is where I get all my wire and wicking from and so far there Ti wire has not had anything on it at all cleaning it with a white paper towel and alcohol and I have never seen any color of any kind after wiping the wire good. I believe I read someplace they Ultra Sonic clean there Ti wire but not sure.


Ya it is very clean maybe a bit of dust and that’s it - can’t beat the price really and it performs well with my grade1 csv- Thanks for the input👍


I would be interested in his views on “accurate” Titanium. I wonder if he has it tested for purity or something.

I would love to trade problems with this dude. I’ve always wondered what it’s like having more money than brains! :slight_smile:


I have ordered TI from FT and its excellent…very clean, just like you said…great wire


His words were “dead on in tc and at a fraction of the price”- we were on the topic of some of guys putting some wire in a fancy can and including a piece of muji then charging astronomical prices and some not even being gr.1-5 He uses Titan - I haven’t tried yet


Who’d have thunk it? The eLeaf iStick 60w TC. The little eLeaf that CAN! Of course battery life isn’t that great. :slight_smile: It will crank all the way up to 600 deg F and regulates beautifully. This build is .4 mm TA1 Ti from ebay. 2x 10 wrap around 2.5 mm .48 ohm / 2. Chucks like the Titanic and LUSH THICK FLAVOR!!! It gets to temp very quickly for a dual build. The advantages of using smaller dia wire I would guess. I cleaned the wire with a Scotchbrite pad, then cleaned with PEG. Still looks a little rough though. The .5 mm Ti wire I order from ebay is much cleaner looking, but is more springy. Really a great deal for a TC mod that performs as well as this little guy. Of course I’m chomping at the bit for a Reuleaux. :smiley:


So i was looking at jumping into the Ti world, i have read every single post here and my head mega hurts now hahaha


No that great that you have input. I just bought my first TC on black firday deal, the Ti wire is new to me. I been reading the through the hole thread to see what I need to how. I’m sure I’ll go back to this more than once.


Just a little free advice, avoid " K. BEE vapor" Ti on the spool, purple label with a bee. The wire is filthy and whatever temper it is makes it much springier than the laser welding wire I purchased afterward…pretty expensive if I remember correctly. Got mine on ebay but I’ve see it in the online stores.

If you can get jewelry maker’s Ti for laser welding, it is very, very nice and cheap.


Do share…got a link?


I almost purchased that but then went with lightning vapes Ti and it is super clean for sure . I have not seen one spec of color on a white paper towel and alcohol after wiping the wire.


Yeah, I am sorry to be vague about it, but you have plenty of information to find it by what I’ve said. I can only get 18, 20, 24, and 30 AWG though. I really wish I could get some nice, supple 22 ga.


Well cut my legs off and call me shorty! I was hoping you had a supplier and with no 22 gauge, well that just kills it anyway. I don’t think I want to try 20 or 18, but maybe. Well that may work for that Interesting Velocity Build but doubtful for dual coils as I’ve found with 22ga duals you can barely get 2 spaced coils to fit and still be high enough on ohms for a mod to fire.

Thanks just the same!


Yeah. . .I am hoping that they get 22ga. Man, I have a hard time getting 24ga to fire. I havent built anything useful with the bigger stuff, but I am thinking I might try a 4mm spaced coil in the Ohmega. It seems to have some room.

I still hope to come up with something that will fire on a dripper with the 18ga. . .some day.


Are you looking for 22ga. Ti?


I am hoping to find this kind I have been using in other sizes for laser welding jewelry. It is great stuff, very supple and easy to wrap. Did you get yours from Etsy? Is it springy?