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Titanium Wire... Prep and Use


I was going to jump in and say. For the first 1/4 tank or 10 to 15 hits. To me it seems to have a funny taste. But after that. The taste snd vapor is mych better. I guess you would say the brake in period. Im not sure. But thats what I’ve noticed


Ah… I was going to say Lightning Vapes has 22ga. Ti, that’s all. I have used their 26ga. Ti and find it quite easy with which to work.


Thank you, everyone seems to like the LV Ti. I may give it a go, I keep seeing @Pro_Vapes coils and wishing I had Ti that size.


Ok. Finally got some of this Titanium wire 26 Gauge
I made a coil using the Steam Engine.
Single Coil
Ti 1 Round
Target Resistance 0.3
Diameter 3.0
I did 6/7 wraps

Not sure if I’m doing this totally correct, but OH MY Goodness!! My Bust-A-Nut tastes sooooooooooo good right now. PLEASE tell me if I’m doing something wrong, but I’m loving this FLAVOR…

@ProVapes or whomever else is around… Is it normal when I ‘fire’ it up that the temp and watts flucuate on this mod? If not normal, what am I doing wrong do you think?


Sounds like you’re doing something RIGHT.

Sounds normal. Based on the settings in your pic and going off how my VTC mini works, while firing your wattage should start with a really short burst at or near 40.4W since that’s what you have it set to, but it should immediately drop down to whatever the coil needs to be 530F. Temp should read out whatever it is measuring based on the resistance change of the wire or say “Protection” once you’ve hit the limit.


Looks and sounds to me like you got it working right. That is the same build I put in my Lemo tanks and works great.


Make sure for the first lil bit that you check the screws to be sure they’re tight.

So, when your coil heats up the resistance changes. The mod reads this and makes adjustments to the power to the coil to keep that resistance from exceeding the ohms that it knows it will be at when it reaches the temp you have set. This results is fluctuating ohms, watts and amps. Happens fairly quickly too so yes, it sounds like it’s working perfectly.

And I agree. Your recipe is the bomb on TC. :wink:


[quote=“SthrnMixer, post:250, topic:21622”]
Make sure for the first lil bit that you check the screws to be sure they’re tight
[/quote]Good info did not even think to say it but yes I have had to tighten screws after a bit as well.

That is the next recipe I will be trying it sounds really good but still need too get 1 more flavor.


You won’t regret it!


Thanks guys. I had to run out to my hubby’s work Christmas Party, but so happy to come home to your replys. Ya’ll rock. I’m a little tipsy right now, so I won’t be playin’ around with this mod much, but I did tighten the screws again. :smile:


Looks great. Pretty even spacing on the coil and you got close to the target ohms. Even though you calculate it to be 0.3 and hit 0.38 on your mod it’s pretty accurate. The coil legs might just be a little longer or the evic reading a little high. I know mine does😉

Don’t tc just taste better :grinning:


It’s wonderful. I love it . I want to try every ejuice I have again now… this may take awhile. :smile:


'Tis the season! Ho, ho, h…iccup…ho! :smile:


I love your bust-a-nut recipe. I did use marshmallow as a sweeten instead of the sucralose but it is awesome. I have only been vaping on TI for awhile now! I do the build Pro_Vape suggested with the 22ga in my TFV4 it is sweet.


Wonderful! So glad you like the Bust-a-Nut. That Ti is incredible, isn’t it? I’m loving the flavor!!


I got a velocity clone coming I am excited to try it on a RDA. I made 100ml only have like 20 left lol.


OMG, I’ve been TC/ Ti/hemp on my tanks for months now, but I’ve always left my dripper on my mech mod for tasting. I just screwed my freakshow on like 5 minutes ago…and I am, like, really, really jazzed about a juice I made my Xmas buddy. A TC DRIPPER! IT’S LIKE TC AND DRIPPER COMBINED. IT SO ROCKS!!!

Again, with the screaming. Rabies.


Ok, second set of coils attempt with ti (Unkamman) 26g 2.5mm id bout 9 wraps close to contact .24 ohms and it tastes like hell…does the taste get better throughout the first tank?
I did a similar 26g 2.5mm id 9 wraps close with SS and it rocked from first puff…same wick material.
I cleaned my coils with vodka, both SS and Ti…I did everything identical…so what’s with the taste difference?

[edit]…the taste is “burnt popcorn”


Sounds like you aren’t cleaning good enough. If wipe them with a white cloth or tissue and get a residue that they’re not clean. Try soaking them for an hour in a soapy mixture. Then I pull it through steel wool several times. Then I rinse the hell out of it then I try to wipe test again. If you have an ultrasonic cleaner put the whole spool in there and a hot soapy mixture for about an hour.


You using with temp control? What mod? What temp/power?

I can’t imagine the wire is giving off the taste. I’m running the same gauge in the Ohmega, also from Unkamen. It’s fantastic.

As long as you’re wicking properly I can’t see what the problem would be. One thing, be sure your dual coils are built identically. Otherwise one will get hotter than the other and cause nastiness.