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Titanium Wire... Prep and Use


My first attempt tasted the same way, exactly.
I get very little hints of my juice, I may rewick after this tank, in hopes of finding out something from it all.


My first guess would also be your build if the alcohol wipe shows clean when you wipe the wire. And if that is a dual build with that high a resistance something is off. If you have a screw loose it will do that and taste nasty as hell. Guess how I know?. Are you re-tightening after the first few hits?


How did you clean them?


Wiped clean, no more residue. Vodka and a clean paper towel.
Pulsed at 10 watts and then cleaned again.
Wicked with Nordstroms, wet wicks and filled tank.
This is a new Billow v2, cleaned beforehand.
Pulled the tank 2x to view the coils, once while firing. Even burn/vapor and zero signs of scorching.
Mod is a Koopor Mini at 450-500° normal - hard, .00040-.00060 tcr, resistance in the .27-.29 ohm area consistent.


I say this because I know clean Ti wire doesn’t give any off flavors. Try a soapy dish detergent soak and clean as I recommended earlier. If it’s clean it will taste very good.


In addition to that try not pulsing.


Are you rinsing the wire off after wiping? Ti won’t rust so rise away.


I didnt pulse last time, wide gapped loose coils, these new ones are loose but close.


I didnt quench these coils as I do kanthal…good point


I just did the same build in my kennedy. All o did was just wipe them clean with alcohol, then did my build. No funny taste at all. This was with my new ti wire i just got. I have some other ti wire that takes like a 1/4 tank to clear up. So i think some wire just isn’t worth a shit.


If your running tc you can pules all you want. It won’t do anything. Thats if its working right.


If it’s not doing anything then you’re not pulsing. I would imagine this is being done in wattage mode - probably at 10 watts just like he said :wink:


I just did it in tc mode. It got a little warm at first. A small pulse. Then it did nothing. It just smoked a tinny bit. Not to turn red or turn white. I wicked it. And juiced it right up. And vapes away. But if in power mode it will destroy the coil


That’s cool. I ain’t pulsing jack squat anymore. No need to because I’m doing everything spaced. One day though I’m going to do that contact Ti build PV showed us, but even then no pulsing. Will strum it like I’m in a bluegrass band.


Lol. I wasn’t saying a right way ,or wrong way. Was just saying how i did it :slight_smile: i tried the closed compressed coil with ti. I didn’t like it. But then again i did it 5 wrap parallel duel coil. Lmao


But i got some ti off ebay that no matter how much you clean it. It always has a rank taste at first. I just got some today from gearbest. And was good looking to start. Cleaned and built. Good from the first hit.


OK here goes a can of worms please do not try this at home but this has me lost. I was doing a build the other day and grabbed a Clapton to coil kanthal well had a lot of hot spots scraping squeezing and pulsing .I finally got them out .nice looking coil clean one but I noticed the ohms were jumping so checked the screws and noticed ohms way low then it hit me so grabbed my trusty magnet I just got done pulsein the hell out of titanium I mean I glowed the heck out of it .before removing it decided to see how it worked so set the mod on t1


mode locked in on it now this coil looks great worked great I did not vape it but any one who has twisted or Clapton titanium coils for any time knows the problems they can give do to hot spots and when I lose one it don’t glow it burns apart at the hot spot quick .so like I said a can of worms don’t dry fire titanium I can dry fire that coil all I want it hits temp and mod adjust to it . No were near glowing .if I understand correctly the only time titanium puts of any thing bad is when it is over heating glowing I have been using nothing but T1 for all most 4 months and stated using kanthal again do to the problems I run in to just too unstable I am really thinking about doing the second coil and seeing what happens but not with out first researching it .I fell the coil is more stable now than many of the other builds I have done .any one that can point me in the Wright directions for research I would appreciate it O I UNDER STAND DON’T DRY FIRE


I’ve dry-fired a lot of ti-coils in power mode - just very very low wattage, and gently increase until I can get a comfortable low glow :smile: I am perfectly happy with my spaced ti-coils for now though :smiley:


Thank you for the feed back yes I forget to mention I was at 19 watts


I would be interested in understanding the benefit of dry firing Titanium