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Tobacco Recipes


Not at all! :grinning: I use Brandy quite a bit as an alcohol flavor booster when using other alcoholic concentrates. I do the same with HS beer when I want a touch of a fermented flavor to the mix; it just adds that touch of earthy, savory goodness I like. :wink:


This is the first recipe i post here on the forums. It’s a simple recipe. And i’m sure others have done something quite similar before. But i have grown so fond of this to the point where it has completly taken over my daily rotation. I don’t really need anything else during the day, because this actually covers every craving i have.
It’s aromatic enough to go well with my morning coffee, and it’s tobacco enough to go well with a beer in the evening. It’s fruity enough to go well in between. It’s even sweet enough to almost be considered a desert type.
Inawera’s Am4a is simply an amazing flavor. I see some taste anise, cocoa, caramel and rum among others. And i mostly agree. What i get the most though is coconut and raisin.
As soon as i got it i could tell, it was going to be a great flavor just by the smell. So i decided not to mess too much with it. Here is what i came up with:

Chef's Creamy Am4a Blend

Ingredient %
Am4A (INAWERA) 3.5
Burley (INAWERA) 1.5
Vanilla Custard (Flavorah) 1
Vanilla Shisha (INAWERA) 2

Flavor total: 8%

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The INW Am4 was the one of the first tobacco concentrates which I found outstanding as a stand alone mix. It was only after vaping through 100ml or so, I started adding other flavors to the mix. It’s a very complex tobacco with a bunch of character! :wink:

If you like the Am4a, you would probably like the Hangsen Arabic as well; again, very complex and full of character; completely different flavor profiles, but very tasty. :kissing_heart:


Since you like Am4a, you ought to like German Flavors Arabian Nights too!

I’m over halfway through my first 30ml bottle which was mixed at 4% last weekend. Aside from a couple of hours in the ultrasonic time machine, it really hasn’t had much steeping but still tastes great, with a smooth tobacco body. I’m bad at recognizing and describing subtle flavors, but by yesterday afternoon I was thinking ‘spice’ and ‘very slightly floral’. Maybe a suggestion of sandalwood aroma.

Anyway, it was pretty okay for me. Next bottle will be 4.5%.


I haven’t ventured towards the German Flavors yet, but I’ll keep that in mind when I do! :grinning:

I’m flush with EF, FLV, HS and INW tobaccos at the moment. Perhaps the next time I get Nic from VapersTek, I’ll throw it in the cart!


Wondering if you did pull the trigger, and if so, have you come up with any new creations?


…do tell! :grinning:


I agree the best way to describe am4a is complex. And I really like complex tobacco flavors. Flavorah’s cured tobacco is also one of my favorites.
I will try to get my hands on some hangsen arabic, when I find a shop that sells it.
Also, when I look for classic tobacco (pipe) mixes, I often come across black cavendish being part of the mix. The only BC aroma I have been able to find is Made by Avoria. Does anyone here have any experience with that one?


@Josephine_van_Rijn may be able to help with the Hangsen; she is EU based and a tobacco lover. :wink:


Well, when FLV comes out with their new tobacco line, you’re going to like a number of them! They’re not crazy complex like the Arabic or Am4a, but they’ll be capable of satisfying your tobacco vaping itch (especially their #6 prototype; no name on it yet, but it mimics a cigar NET).

The INW Cavendish tobacco absolute is nice :grinning: I’ve been working with that one as of late in a couple of pipe tobacco vapes.


Cavendish was actually part of my latest order from Inawera :wink: I’m expecting it some time next week and i’m looking forward to testing it.
I’ll keep my fingers crossed that these new Flavorah tobaccos will make it to my normal supplier, or at least somewhere in Europe.


It’ll happen, but not for a while…they’re still just prototypes for now. But, I am thankful Brendan has taken the steps to produce some new and nice tobacco flavors. He’s up to his ass in alligators at the moment, so, these tobaccos are on the back burner. :pensive:


I pulled some of the flavors out of my cart and only spent about half that. I have a few recipes steeping based on some of your recipe percentages and some of Jims. I made that Bacco Butternut and it turned out really good. I have a custard steeping and a chocolate with orange and some creams. I want to do a caramel also but life events have curbed my desire to do anything productive. Moving forward things are hopefully going to improve very soon and life can resume.


I think I got my Arabic at hangsenshop.eu but they stopped selling concentrates to the European market. http://www.cig-eliquid.co.uk/index.aspx?pageid=649231&category=1182625&Page=1 this shop is selling Hangsen but no Arabic. I’ve got me some Arabic SC at www.juicefactory.com.au, they sell some Hangsen too but no Arabic. Maybe you could drop them a line and ask if they could stock up on it. I assume Hangsen is still selling their concentrates to the Aussies. The shipping fees from there are really good compared to US.
www.justvape247.com doesn’t sell Hangsen but they have other brands and are in the UK.


I’ve got that on my short list to purchase from BCV. What’s the flavor profile on that one? …that and Havana Dry. :grinning: I’ve heard good things.


I was going to do a side by side comparison for you, but after digging through my steep box I found out I have no HS Arabic steeping at the moment. I’m in dire need of some empty bottles :frowning:
So I’m having a senior moment here, not recalling the taste of the HS but this one is a dark tobacco, pleasantly sweet with a lot of nuances, very oriental. I mixed it at 3%, forgot I had it so it’s been standing around for 4 months and I’m enjoying the hell out of it. Using my Billow v3 that stopped leaking thanks to @Pro_Vapes :joy:

I’ve never heard of this flavour, is it in the SC range? So far I’m depending on juicefactory for my SC’s and they aren’t selling it.


Yes…SC range. I bet if you emailed the nice folks at JF, they’d add it to their next order from their vendor. :grinning: …sweet talk’em!


I love that! …when you find something that’s been steeping for months and it’s bang’in good! :grinning:


Email send and fingers crossed. I told them they were my sole supplier of SC flavours, which is actually true, and could they please stock up on Dry Havana :wink:


Hi Jose,

I’ll pick it up in my next order. I don’t have an ETA at this point but they are never too far apart. I’ll send you an email when it is in if you’d like?

Kind regards,

Now that’s quick isn’t it? Great customer service with these guys :laughing: