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Tobacco Recipes


Thank you for your suggestions @Josephine_van_Rijn. I actually managed to find some Hangsen Arabic. A danish web shop had 5 bottles left (10ml) and i ordered 2. So even more goodies coming my way this week :smiley:


I also found half a bottle of the Bees Knees that I made on July the 4th and that was still fine. It’s finished now :grinning:


One for the thread…:wink: …work in progress complete.

…took some inspiration from online pipe tobacco reviews with this mix. :grinning: Tasty!


I will have to make a bigger batch of this today, the first one didn’t last very long :grinning:


Hehe…me too! :wink: Did you find anything which needed adjustment? :thinking:


So far no, I’ll make it with the cocoa next so I get the exact recipe. If anything is off I will complain about it in the recipe comment section :wink:


Anyone got a recipe for DaVinci Code from Decoded is a smooth and buttery Pecan nut brulee?


You might post this question again here:

You might get some hits in the clone thread. :grinning:


…be gentle.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: …you know how sensitive I can be!


Now you’re asking too bloody much! :smiling_imp: I’m already miffed because I thought I already had the cocoa, but it still has to be delivered to my doorstep and they take their sweet time, as usual. I’ve got to take my frustration out on someone. I’m really disappointed that you don’t volunteer for the job, I thought we were a :family: on this forum :disappointed:


Guess I’m as ready as I will every be to start
serious attempt at tobacco/cigar type recipes.
Next order will be all tobacco flavors.
Just a little worried about conversion for low watts
and 50/50 or 60/40 blends. Realize most people are set up for
higher temps and watts.
Start out with 10 or so flavors and see how it goes.
These recipes are just to inviting!


Tobacco flavours are actually better vaped at lower temps and watts :grinning:


Thanks. Guess I worry about nothing sometimes.
Just need a change from fruits and such.


Knowing that you’re a mech mod user, from other posts I’ve read, if you twist up a coil(s) that are around .5 to .6 ohms, that’s going to set you at 22 to 28 watts. Personally, vaping tobacco mixes below 30 watts is key to good flavor.

What’cha thinking about getting?


Thanks for the info.
So far, my list to order:

7 Leaves FA
Desert Ship FA
555 SC
American Red SC
Cowboy Blend FA
Dark for pipe INW
Flue cured INW
Mellow Sunset FA
Tobacco Virginia INW
Turkish SC

Have marshmallow, caramel, vanilla, etc. and a lot of fruits for some help.


Wonder if others, like myself, first got off analogs with a tobacco juice
from their local B&M.
And left them behind, as I did, moving on to more intriguing flavors.
Last week a friend let me taste a Desert Ship and Licorice juice.
Another was a 555 blend.
I could get hooked on these again.:smiley:


Nice line up! :grinning: I don’t see any overlapping profiles with any of those choices; they all have a very distinct flavor profile. I never tried the FA Mellow Sunset, but I heard it’s tasty.

It would behoove you to vape each one of those (5 or 15ml worth) as a stand alone mix before you start in on mixing with them. It will give you the opportunity to study each tobacco carefully and adjust your preferred percentage for those flavors. :grinning:

I say that because, I ruined many a tobacco mix due to rushing that process.:smirk:


Did they divulge the brand of Desert Ship? There are a few different DS concentrates out there, and the flavor profiles are very wide ranging.

I know I did with Bobas Bounty and many others. I just wound up sticking with tobaccos because I love the flavor so much.:kissing_heart::dash:


Since I got my new bell cap for the Russian base, plan to make up
a 5ml batch of each. Found out the hard way that a RDA only steers
me in the right direction, but need to test in a tank.
( can use a small amount in the bell cap and maintain the vacuum the base needs )


I’ll have to ask him which one. He has helped me a lot with trying different juices.
Being from Sweden, he knows his licorice! Always has the best salty licorice candy…:slight_smile: