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Tobacco Recipes


I love my tobacco, and love it low powered.

9.5 watts & coils at 1.6 to 1.8, for the most part.

I’ve only tried the Hangsen Desert Ship, but it’s right there, at the top of my list.

Good good stuff.


The FA Desert ship has a way different profile than all the other Desert Ships. To me, it has a spicy ginger quality. I can see how it might go well with an anise/licorice mix. :grinning:


Think I’ll switch and get the HS Desert Ship; read some good things.
Thanks again for your help.
( ah, probably get both :grinning:)


I have some FA SoHo on it’s way I am really not an advanced user of tobaccos my main uses are the nutty types and cappuccino variety. I wanted to know what your thoughts were on SoHo and what it’s really good with ? I m looking for a mild tobacco with small hints of smokiness. TIA


From what you’ve stated, the SoHo will probably be right down your alley. It’s touted as being in the tobacco line of FA, but personally, there a lot more going on within the flavor profile of this concentrate than tobacco. So, in short, the tobacco does not dominate this concentrate. It’s a very soft tobacco vape with creamy, nutty, bakery notes. I would think this a good starter for folks wanting to be introduced to tobacco vapes.

Vaping 15ml or so of SoHo as a stand alone mix will give you a chance to dissect the flavors. I originally purchased this just to keep up with the FA tobacco line. I enjoyed it a great deal; my wife more so. She likes for me to add a bit of acetyl pyrazine, caramel and vanilla to the mix; off shoot of her fav Tribeca mix.

Mixing percentages are wide ranging, however, I think if you started around 7 to 8%, you’ll not be dissappointed.


Kewl I appreciate your words of wisdom !


Looking to get a cigar flavor as i have none any suggestions! I have acces to FA INW TFA CAP(but no !) hangsen and VZ. Thanks!


Where do you reside? UK? EU?


Neither im in Canada! Actually i went ahead and ordered Cigar Flavor Concentrate from Hangsen - Cuban Supreme FA and Cigar Passion FA I will give feedback on it as i try em!


You’ll probably enjoy the HS a lot.

I have to admit, I didn’t get too much out of the FA cigar flavors. But, they might be right up your alley. :grinning: Hangsen and SC cigar flavors are very good; SC more so, but you’d have to get those from BCV. :pensive:


With the RTS 70% off Inawera deal, I couldn’t resist grabbing two 30ml DNB and three 30ml Gold Ducat.

I also couldn’t resist snatching a 30ml of Arabic, on my way past the Hangsen aisle…lol


70% off is a crazy good deal! Glad you scored on a few of your faves. :grinning:

I decided to do a little local shopping with the Memorial Day sale and grabbed a few tobaccos at BCV. It wasn’t a huge discount, but I’m constantly asking Drew to stock this or that, reorder X tobacco 'cause it’s gone every time I go to look for it; when I see he’s been obliging to my requests, I’ll buy from him as a thank you. Still, it’s hard to pass up a 70% off deal with RTS! :scream:

Most of my list from BCV was restock SC tobacco concentrates and a few new SC tobaccos I’ve not tried yet; looking forward to that.

Island Tobacco
Havana Dry
Seven Stars
Virginia Flue Cured

In a couple of weeks, I hope to have a few new tobacco concentrate reviews to sling up! :wink:


Tobacco with a coconut note, maybe you could have another go at Boba’s Bounty (no, not again :scream:) with that one in the mix :sweat_smile:




I would try again, but when the tobacco base vendor for Bobas Bounty closed their doors for business, Alien Visions, themselves, could not mimic or recreate the tobacco base they had been purchasing for Bobas Bounty. That tobacco base is now history, a thing of the past, gone, poof and never to be created again! It will forever be a mystery to thousands of tobacco Vapers across the globe. :pensive:

R.I.P. ~ Bobas Bounty…you will forever be missed! :sob:


I’ve never had it, so maybe I’m lucky! I might be extremely pleased with a clone that doesn’t come near the original and still think it’s the bomb :wink:


It’s too bad that they didn’t give out some sort of recipe when that happened. Give people a chance to at least try and recreate it. :confused:


Nope! :smirk: They didn’t because they wanted to bring this to market:

The replacement for Bobas Bounty. :smirk:


Now, from what I hear, if you never tried the original Bobas, folks say it’s a tasty vape. But, the true Bobas fans say it’s nothing like the original Bobas. It’s not going to be because the original tobacco base is no longer in existence.

I haven’t tried the Flavor 39, so I have no clue as to the flavor. For me, it really is not something I even wish to explore. I made a vow to myself, never to purchase “store made” juice ever again… and you and I, as DIY individuals, know exactly why I won’t… Why pay a 90 to 100% (or more) mark up on a product you can create and enjoy just as much or more than “store made” juice. :grinning:

I’d much rather pay $.05 per ml of juice than $.50 per ml, be creative and have fun at the same time. :sunglasses:


Thx for the info i actually grabbed a bit of black cigar SC and Mild seven
SC from work. My boss has its ways with baccos im just a greeny … for now!!


I had been planning on visiting BCV for the Arabic & Gold Ducat, for the last few weeks. When I saw the 70% off, I did a screeching, 2 wheeled turn into RTS.

I’ll be watching for your reviews in a couple of weeks!

The SoHo mentioned, sounded pretty interesting too.