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Tobacco Recipes


Hello fellow flavor hoarders im in need of advice any of you know of a tobacco that pairs well with apricot! Help my poor soul!


And a recipe since its been so long this is just good relax with a cup of joe. I love SC Dunhill !!

Ohm’s King Of The Hill

1% Cappuccino (FA)
1% Cookie (Biscotto) (FA)
2% Dunhill (SC) (VZ)
1.5% Toasted Marshmallow (TPA)
1.5% Vienna Cream (FA)

Flavor total: 7%


I enjoy FA Storm with apricot. :grinning: It has a nice light gingery tobacco flavor which works well with the sweet and fruity of the apricot. I’m not much of a fruit fan, but the apricot I do like.


I did not think of storm actually or even glory i might try that for now i have put this together have not mixed yet im still looking around. Thanks for that quick reply !! Tell me what you think of this.

1.5% Amaretto (CAP)
2% Apricot (CAP)
1% Apricot (TPA)
4% Bavarian Cream (LA)
3% Brandy (TPA)
1% Vanilla Shisha (INAWERA)
2.25% Virginia Flue Cured Tobacco (SC) (VZ)

Flavor total: 14.75%


I just got some SC VA Flue cured a week or so ago, but haven’t given it a go yet. This just might be the recipe for it’s virgin mix. :grinning: I’ll have to sub some of the vendor flavors, but the gist of the recipe looks tasty!

A bud of mine, @DarthVapor sent me some INW vanilla shisha not too long ago and I’m really liking it with my tobaccos. I just used it in this mix with great success! :wink:


That looks tasty! The combination of the amaretto, brandy and apricot sounds fantastic. I do, however, think the Bavarian Cream may be a bit high…but if you’re used to it and know the flavor well then forget I said that. If it were TPA I wouldn’t say anything but the LorAnn version, for me anyway, seems to perform best around 2.5%.


Actually just mixes a 30 and i like it gonna let the brandy breath a bit though ouch!! Im very glad i did not overdo the apricot…again. As for Bavarian cream @4% i was scared of bitterness from liquor and apricot and i think i could actually drink lA Bavarian Cream :sweat_smile:


I hear you! It’s so good. As long as I have it I don’t even touch TPA BC. But TPA’s is good too, just not LOR good.


That looks good! How’s that caramel doing? I have yet to use it and taste it myself :frowning:


Dumb question. How long should I let an ry4 double cure/age for?


I am by no means an expert, but at least two weeks. I make a lot of @RocketPuppy’s RY4 and it is superb at about a month. Just MHO of course. :wink:


If you want it mellow… 4 weeks. :pensive:


I used the INW Caramel at 1%, but I think I need to bump it up a bit. I read that 2% is about the max before bad things happen! :scream:


One month it is. That’s exactly what I have steeping. Sitting at two weeks…looks like I should let it be for Atleast another…not sure I could wait a whole two. Lol.


Hehe… My wife has alarms set on her phone for when her mixes have steeped for the proper amount of time. :laughing:


Im new to this need help with making 50/50 of menthol with nicotine strength of 3ml on a 30m bottle


I am going to join the tobacco party as well and venture past the only tobacco flavor I have tried mixing thus far, RY4 Double.
I went about it the wrong way , spur of the moment shopping today for my usual flavors and throwing a few tobacco flavors in the cart after reading reviews.:confounded:

I have started reading notes and found a couple of mixes to try and am sure I will have plenty of questions when I start mixing, hopefully next weekend!:grinning:

I am going to try and get a couple of cigarette mixes and hopefully wade out a bit deeper from there.
So fair warning @Kinnikinnick @Josephine_van_Rijn and others , I am sure I will have some questions and need some critique along the way.:relaxed:


Ahhhh… let’er rip! :grinning: It’ll be an interesting venture for sure.


I’m not a menthol fan, but there has to be a couple of folks here that can lend a hand.

Here’s a few threads to get you going. :grinning:



I am sure it will be fun and hopefully I can help my BIL out as well he only vapes one store bought juice called Smooth from Saffire Vapor a local KY/TN vape store chain.I thought it would be a great time to try and find something he can use as well as a few that I may like.
I have already saved this one of yours to mix as he was a Marlboro Light smoker for years and says the smooth reminds him of that.

Dirty Seven

Ingredient %
Mile Seven (Tobacco Express) (ECX) 4
Tobacco DNB (INAWERA) 1

Flavor total: 5%

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