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Tobacco Recipes


That one is very basic and simple, but tasty! To me, the Mile Seven has a wonderful maple note to it that is very pleasing to me and others around me; folks actually comment on how good it smells when they are down wind of my vape. :wink:


I love the notes you make on your mixes , it really helps!Thank you
On top of those two flavors I also picked up these.The description of the saffire vapors smooth is that it is a Virginia tobacco so I grabbed a few items.
Desert Ship (FA)
Desert Ship (Tobacco Express)
Virginia (Tobacco Express)
Golden Virginia (Tobacco Express)
AM4A (Inawera)
I am pretty sure I threw a couple more in my cart while shopping but didn’t write them down.I will have to go back and check.lol
Edit I wanted to order the AM4A but they were out as well as a couple more I wanted to try.
I also placed an order with Flavorah earlier and grabbed their Virginia Tobacco to try.


Personally I’m not a big fan of their Virginia. The Cured I can live with but it does lose flavour over time. I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the Red Burley!


I don’t think many are as I read the reviews , but I thought that I would give it a shot.


I know everyone gets tired of hearing this, but, taste is subjective. :smirk: You might love it!

The Tobacco Expess line is very close (if not identical) to many of the SC concentrates from BCV; I have enjoyed most of them. Some of the Chinese cig flavors can be a bit floral/herbal.

When FLV releases the Red Burley, stick that one in the cart! Yummy! :wink:


I figured these will get me started it is all @Amy2 fault for sending me some of her Kickerville!
It reminds me of a better Pop’s Pipe from Good Life Vapors. I still have about 50ml of that .I hope to try and get a cig a like mix that I will enjoy before going into the French pipe tobacco mixes.

I needed to restock and add to some of my Flavorah flavors.I left a note that I would love to try and Tobacco flavors they might have.


Ingredient %
Cappuccino (FA) 1.25
Caramel (FA) 1.85
Cookie (Biscotto) (FA) 1
Goji (FE) 0.25
Knt Flavor express 1.5
Peanuts (INAWERA) 1
Taro (ECX) 0.35
Vanilla (FE) 2.5

Flavor total: 9.71%

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Yes it is! I don’t know a hill o’ beans about tobacco really, but this stuff is delicious. :heart: To me, it tastes a little woodsy, a little hoppy, and at 3 weeks it has a bit of a nutty vibe going on.


I love that mix too when my bottle of KNT Flavor Express is empty I will be sad BUT I know that Soho FA will be a good sub for it. Just have to figure out what %

thank you


Have you asked @DonovanECX about getting this flavor back in their inventory?


I am mad at myself for not grabbing the tobacco flavorings from LB when I placed my order earlier as well.
Unfortunately I didn’t pick up Soho from ECX! On the list it goes and of course I missed their sale by one day!
I do have some Goji headed my way though.


I may have I don’t remember honestly. I think they’re phasing them all out FE


This one is I tried today and I actually really like it. It needed every ounce of the time to steep because originally I was stuck on bourbon …it’s all I smelled and I truthfully am not crazy about it. But it does what it’s suppose to and puts the lotion on as told :wink:

get ready for an oaky wood bourbon tobacco w/ just a touch of honey clover ( yes on the light side like i like’em :wink: )


Ingredient %
Brown Sugar Extra (TPA) 0.35
Honey Clover (LA) 0.45
Kentucky Bourbon (TPA) 1
Soho (FA) 4
Sweet Pipe Tobacco (LB) 2
Tobacco (LB) 3
Vanilla Bourbon (TPA) 2.2
Vanillin 10% (TPA) 1.5
Ylang Ylang (FA) 0.4

Flavor total: 14.9%

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Really? I’d love some confirmation on that from @DonovanECX, so I can stock up before they clear out the inventory. :smirk:


I can’t be sure but I did notice they’re less and less inventory of the FE each time. I don’t want them to go either I like them especially their TARO !!!


Taro is here to stay!

I’ll re-add KNT to our list, and keep it around for you.


You da Man ! Thanks ! Now is there any truth to some of the FE’s getting phased out ?


@Kinnikinnick Donovan said he will restock KNT whoop whoop !! Raising roof hands !!


Summons the “God of Flavors” and he shall appear! Thanks @DonovanECX! :grinning:

…I did have to sacrifice a goat in the process. :smiling_imp:


somebody call PETA


A lot of the flavors are being phased out. Basically the one’s that don’t sell fast enough. I can’t justify selling old product to our beautiful customers in any case!