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I would also like to thank you for the fast processing! I placed a order of 40 flavors on Monday and have already been notified it has shipped with a tracking number.
Thank you @DonovanECX !


…there’s more to come! :grinning: …the next one to be released will be just as delish! It has just as much character as the Red Burley. I’m very impressed with the guys/gals in the labs for FLV; they’re knocking it out of the park!


Just started poking around the forum. Good to see I’m not alone on Red Burley! I made a very simple mix of FLV Red Burley 3.25%, TFA Western 3.5%, INW DNB 1% and has been my ADV ever since. Still jiggering the percents and feel it could use a 4th flavor… maybe Perique for a bit of spice or something a bit leafy would be nice. Clearly, I’m going for a non-aromatic blend here but as a base it could go in many directions.

Anyone else nail down a nice recipe with Red Burley yet?


Welcome @The_Good_Way! Glad to have you here.

I’m just now starting out with the FLV Red Burley myself; loving it. I have a couple of mixes in the steep closet and working on a couple of more on the chalk board! A few post back I threw up a mix with the Red Burley which has a lot of promise so far; coupled it with the FLV cured tobacco and a few other favorites.

It’s been a while since I used any form of Western tobacco, but perhaps it’s time to revisit that concentrate! :grinning:


This is one I’m working on at the moment. The original was good simple mix, but I felt like it was always missing depth. Perhaps the Red Burley can cure that issue. :thinking:


Oh nice, finally a recipe from you that I have (almost) all the flavors for :blush: Bookmarked and added to my “get these flavors on next order” folder.

I look forward to a time when I can upgrade my steeping drawer to an entire closet!! Although, my wallet would beg to differ but wallets know nothing of long term savings lol.

And ya, Western is proving to be pretty useful. Gives that leathery taste that I was looking for. Maybe it’s cuz I’m new and haven’t found anything better yet but as far as TFA tobacco flavors, I think it’s at the front of the class.


Ok, just finished reading this entire thread, a little each day since I started hanging out on the forum here. Yes, I know it’s a bit extreme but what self respecting tobacco enthusiast would not do the same? Now on to NETs!!


Need a suggestion on a recipe I’m working with…

Western TPA gives me that leathery taste which cuts through the FLV Red Burley I’ve been using as a base. This combo is really doing it for me. And DNB adds the lovely ash. But I feel something missing from this mix still. Looking for a convincing cigar flavor to add in. Would “INW Tobacco Absolute Cuban Cigar” do the trick? If not, any better suggestions?

@Kinnikinnick @Josephine_van_Rijn


I would say go for it, it is worth a try. Have you got FA’s Tuscan Reserve? That’s a nice cigar flavour too and have you come across this thread yet;


Thanks for the tips! FA Tuscan Reserve added to my shopping list :slight_smile:


I love the INW Cuban cigar as an additive! :grinning: It’s a somewhat dry cigar flavor, so be prepared for that…

The SC Maxx Blend from BCF is one of my “go to” cigar concentrates…that, and the SC Black n Mild (chocolate backnote with this one). These two together make for a very nice ADV cigar vape. :grinning:


This one right? https://allecigsolutions.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1800

Bull City Vapor doesn’t ship to Canada I don’t think. :cry:


Damnit! I forgot you were in Canada! :pensive: Sorry about the psych-up.

Weeeeell, the FA Maxx blend is more like a fresh opened pack of cigarettes in flavor; not a choice for in your face flavor. The other FA cigar offerings really aren’t that much of a WOW either. :pensive:

Lemme scratch my head a bit over this…:thinking:


The SC is not the same as the one from FA. www.juicefactory.com.au sells SC Maxx Blend and I’m sure they ship to Canada. Just checked, yep they do :grinning: They are my go to shop for SC’s since they don’t sell them in the EU either.
If you go to this page, http://e-liquid-recipes.com/resources, there’s a whole list of Canadian Vapeshops, some of them with discount codes too.


Good find! Australian and Canadian dollar are pretty much 1:1 and shipping looks cheap too! This could be a good solution for those hard to find flavors.

Yes, please let me know if anything dawns on you. ECX does ship to Canada so it’s always a viable option. @Kinnikinnick


Looks like @Josephine_van_Rijn nailed it for you! :grinning:


I’m just getting started, and probably over ambitious, but…I love tobaccos!

Like many others it seems, my last phase with analogs before/during my switch to vaping was RYO/stuffing (still have my electric stuffer). Anyway I was absolutely crazy about Peter Stokkebye’s Amsterdam Shag. I just placed an order from naturally-extracted-tobaccos.com for the following:
-Fire-cured Burley
-Flue-cured Virginia
-Sun-cured Turkish
-Full Zware (Amsterdam Shag is a half-zware, but original Drum was full - hopefully I can run this straight while I learn the other flavors)

If these work out, there’s some pipe blends I would love to try to reproduce like McClelland Frog Morton or Peterson’s Old Dublin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



You and @Kinnikinnick both, I’m sure he’ll have something to say about it :grinning:
As for reproducing flavours, it is hard to do and never turns out the same, but you’ll find that you can make pretty good tobacco juices with a unique taste of their own so don’t get discouraged.
Inawera’s Black for Pipe is a very strong pipe tobacco that you could try in your mix.


My favorite RYO was Peter Stokkebye London Export. :grinning:…sweet and smooth.

You can’t go wrong with anything at NET.com. Clay has some wonderful creations there for sale. I’m vaping on some 1 year old 7th Cut right now…very tasty cigar NET. Picked up quite a few a year ago, then started making my own. :grinning: Here’s a list of the ones I purchased…every one of them was stellar.

There are a number of NET threads on ELR for your research: :grinning:


All ya gotta do is choose which NET maceration process you want to do, buy your fav tobacco and give it a go! You won’t be disappointed! :kissing_heart::dash:


Wow, great information! Thanks a ton!