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Fair warning :scream: The more you vape NET.com juice, the more you’ll be wanting to start your own NET batches!


About to get my feet wet, or at least dip my toes in… Arrived today, 1 sample pack from Black Note. Haven’t cracked it yet. Will review later this week. …And so begins the journey down NET road.


Nice! :grinning: You’re hitting the “Cadillac” of NET first. That’s some good stuff; they definitely have their filtering process down to a science. Enjoy! :wink:


…would love to hear your thoughts. :wink:


Wow, just came back from a week of R&R and it’s great to see some action in tobacco land!


Nice read! Looks like I’m in for a treat. :slight_smile:

If their packaging in any way reflects the quality of their product, I’d say that’s about a perfect description. Forcing myself to finish up some old “not quite there” mixes before I delve into Black Note. My taste buds will thank me later I’m sure…


Treat yourself! :wink: Put down that old stuff and dive in! You could choke to death on a half teaspoon of your own saliva and never get around to tasting a good NET! Life is short…eat dessert first! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This looks great, just tried the Black Honey Bavarian Cream recipe and liked it but felt it could do with something else was going to add some toasted almond, ap and a smidgen of honey. Have to get more flavours to try this one.


Made this one today kinda a joke of a name … but most of them are nightshades in reality so I will check back on it in a month to see. Smells really good. The Connecticut Shade seems like it is a strong flavor Idk what it will be like in a mix. Have a few at varying % to find out.


Ingredient %
Connecticut Shade (Flavorah) 0.76
Goji (FE) 1
Sweet Potato (Amoretti) 3
Taro (ECX) 1.5

Flavor total: 6.26%

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** Sweet potato & Taro are not nightshade but Tobacco & Goji are :smile: steeping and smelling good too !

And the next one with a rediculously dumb name

Shade cake

Ingredient %
Bavarian Cream (LA) 3
Booster (Tiramisu) (FA) 0.5
Catalan Cream (FA) 0.5
Cinnamon Ceylon (FA) 0.5
Connecticut Shade (Flavorah) 0.76
Cookie (Biscotto) (FA) 1
Italian Relax (Cappuccino) (FA) 1.26
Madagascar (Vanilla Classic) (FA) 1.5

Flavor total: 9.01%

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Flavorah Tasting Notes

Hey @DonovanECX … I was just checking in on the KNT tobacco to see how the re-add was going. I don’t see it on the ECX site as of yet. :pensive:

I also had a question about Tobacco Express Red Demon:


Please tell me this concentrate is not going to be discontinued! It has become one of my wife’s favorite tobacco additives. The combination of tobacco, chocolate and coconut which this concentrate carries is pretty gosh darned awesome. :grinning:


I can confirm that it’s in transit. :slight_smile:

We did make the decision to cut Red Demon, but I can make an effort to keep it in stock for you at least in small quantities.


Good and bad news. :pensive: Thanks for letting me know.

So… Is there a way to get a list of concentrates which ECX is planning on discontinuing, in order for your customers to “stock up” on these concentrates before they vanish forever?


…or when I see something like this on the ECX site, is it a sign that these concentrates are doomed for the chopping block?


You found the list!


So, one can assume if the concentrate is listed under the “liquidation” category, it’s doomed to be discontinued. :pensive:


Oh no… not Mile Seven! I just ordered this flavor recently and haven’t started testing with other flavors but it is a keeper.I know several people that like this flavor as well.
@Kinnikinnick @DonovanECX either of you know what the shelf life would be on this.Seriously thinking about grabbing a 500ml if you can’t keep this on the shelf.


Aw crud!! Me too! Dang.


TA Questions:

Picked up INW Cuban Cigar and Virginia TAs and wondering…

a) Do I just add like normal into a mix or dilute first or do a special dance with chicken bones? (Asking cuz pretty sure Rustica and other TAs need chicken bone dance but assuming INW does not.)

b) How long steep? I know more = better but I vape some tobacco blends after a few days while waiting for the rest to steep. Ultimately, whatever you say, I will at least drip some in an RDA on day 2 but what’s a realistic minimal steep time?

c) When adding to recipe in order to boost other tobaccos, what’s a good percentage of each to use? (Note: I’m not shy with tobacco)


Yup, add like a normal concentrate. No chicken bone dance! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: No dilution necessary.

As @Josephine_van_Rijn says, steep it till it tastes good to you! But, a realistic steep time, depending on your steep method, a couple of weeks. :smirk:

Don’t kill the messenger, but, this is where doing single flavor test batches comes in handy. Only you and your tastebuds will know what percentage you’ll need to add of a certain concentrate to “boost” the primary tobacco in the mix. :pensive: It’s a pain in the ass and labor intensive to do single flavor test batches, but it can be so useful when you are trying to tweek that recipe which you want to work so badly!


Perfect thanks! *gives bones back to the chicken.

On single flavor testing… I started doing 3 tests for each flavor, 1%, 3%, and 5% usually. Is that overkill maybe? Makes me groan everytime I look at my untested flavors and realize how much “work” is in store for me. I have about 45 flavors still to test lol. Plus the TAs of course.