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Tobacco Recipes


That looks good … But I am not familiar with Maxx Blend or 7 Leaves… Lol.


it my favorite tobacco taste liqua american tobaccoo
and am trying to diy one from tfa flavours but i cant find the flavor who lead me to this taste


Ohm's Georgian Nights

Ingredient %
Bavarian Cream (LA) 1.25
Black Cigar (VZ) 1.2
Glory (FA) 0.75
Honey (FA) 0.15
Juicy Peach (CAP) 2.2
Madagascar (Vanilla Classic) (FA) 1.2
Mild Seven SC 1.75
Peach (INAWERA) 1.5

Flavor total: 10%

60 vg/40 pg 4.5mg

Just made this for my new ICare(love that little stealhy thing) as i don’t realy vape that high pg or nic but in the ICare its fine. So disclaimer this has not steeped yet but i think it should be great!


That looks like it will be an awesome vape. :grinning:Of all the fruits out there, I was always partial to a peach or apricot vape.


Hey thanks!!


I love your bust a nut recipie, I’m curious what kind of tobacco flavour and the % :grin:


Flavorwest 555 @ 2%


Thanks for shearing your tobacco recipes. Here you mixed all flavors in this recipes. But if you want more than details about tobacco, then you visit our site.:slight_smile:


Yeah those recipes were getting a little woolly, thanks!


CAW! Salutations from across the Realms to my realm traveling brethren! Special greetings to those who like Tobacco flavor e-liquids! :slight_smile: I spent four months developing my “YardByrd’s “Wildcard” Virgina Fire Cured Tobacco” recipe. :wink: I hope others will like and enjoy it! :thumbsup:


:peace: :heart: :bird: & CAW!


I have a couple of Captain Black Cherry cigar flavours made with 2 different tobaccos, check 'em out.

Cherry Piper:

Cherry Captain Black Cigar:

They taste almost the same once steeped, but the Cherry Piper tastes better from the initial mixing and Keurig bath I give each of my liquids.

I make a Keurig cup of water and put the liquid bottle in it after shaking. Then when nearly cool, remove and shake it again for a minute at vape it. Works great, gets the ingredients to mix pretty thoroughly.


Wanted to make a coffee based tobacco recipe with a twist
Well got the twist
If I was to sell this it would not be to a vape shop but Debenhams perfume department, its gross
Can anyone see why this tastes like a perfume as I thought it would be ok
Not sure Steeping is going to help this and donot think any additions will help, think its one for the bin


Your recipe is marked as private so no one can se it.


thought I had removed privacy all done now


Just stopping by to let you know that Red Demon is back. :slight_smile:


Good news indeed! When I vape through the 100ml I bought back when the “discontinued” scare happened, I’ll know where to go to get more.

At least it’s in stock for others to enjoy.


What are you looking at for a steep time on the RY4 Double?


I don’t vape it, but my wife does. She won’t touch a new batch of RY4 double or Asian anything for at least a month.

But, as @Josephine_van_Rijn says, “If it tastes good to you, it has steeped long enough”.


I made it last week with a very tiny percentage of RY4 Double, a little cream and sweeteners. I only like the tobacco to be a very light note in the mix. Thank you! I will wait. If I try it too soon and it hits me funny I may not vape it all (if you get what I mean)

I’ve been having issues with too much flavor lately, I’ve been having to cut everything with VG. All my recipes taste like “way too much flavoring” all of a sudden. Not sure why.


I’ve been holding off to the 3-4 week mark. Like they always say tabacco is best steeped with time