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Tobacco Recipes


And I knew you guys would know :slight_smile: Thanks a bunch!


Just to let everyone Know the new line of Tobacco concentrates from Purilum ( Nic River ) are Really Good and don’t have to be steeped for as long. I have tried them after only 5 days and they are Amazing :+1:


Are they sweet?


Yes 2 are out now and I highly recommend them both. Look at my reviews on the Nic River site

Vanilla Bacco and Tobacco Original

@Nicotine_River Did a Fantastic job on these flavors


Hope this helps you! :slight_smile:


If they ever start carrying the Tobacco Bourbon from Purilum… it’s worth the buy. @DarthVapor sent me a few of the Purilum synthetic tobaccos a while back and I quite enjoyed that one.

I found the Purilum tobaccos to be much like Hangsen with regards to mixing percentages; somewhere in the 5% to 10% range was necessary for me.


Well all I can do is Smile right now :smiley: And you will be too ( SOON ) for me 3% to 4% in a RDA


Looks great, thank you!


When the sweet and the bourbon tobaccos finally come into stock, get them. Super good. I enjoyed it very much. One of the better tobaccos in my honest opinion.


I have mixed a batch of Vanilla Tobacco and Vanilla Swirl. I am waiting for a steep to finally test.


Okay, the Vanilla Tobacco with Vanilla Swirl TFA is the bomb.


I have to order a couple of Tobacco’s. That’s very good to know. I still cant touch that batch I made a few weeks ago with the RY4, it’s not ready yet lol.


Just got a bottle of the Vanilla Tobacco Purilum
I have some Vanilla swirl
What percent did you use
The wife loves Van bacco


5% tob. To 2% Vanilla Swirl.


Thanks much
I had bye coincidence just received a bottle of van tobacco purilum
Now I will see if wife likes it


I very much enjoy it.


We’re just gonna drop this on by! :slight_smile:


wow Fa kills it , ive been hearing that the Pur line has a very good nilla tobacco


Yes! The tobaccos being released on the Purilum page are selling tremendously well!


Yes they ate really really well made. I just made some of the Vanilla tobacco and am letting it sit for a bit. Also made a Vanilla Apple Bourbon Tobacco mix that I hope does well.