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Yup, just tasted it on the back of my hand…cherry notes, slight, but there. :thinking:


Well I’m glad I’m not alone. Just tasted a bunch of single flavors that were steeping the past month, most of them duds (for my tastes, others may like).

There was 1 kinda nice one… Turkish by Flavor Express. The rest were just kinda sweet with no real tobacco taste to speak of.

Good thing I have like 35 more flavors to test lol. At least half of those are tobaccos so hopefully I’ll fall in love with at least a few of em.


I’m wondering if the SC Turkish is its alias. Some of the Tobacco express tobaccos line up exactly with the flavor profiles of the Super Concentrated line from BCF. I do like the SC Turkish very much myself; haven’t tried the ECX Turkish.

I don’t ever run low on this one as an ADV grab and go juice.


ECX renamed all their TPA flavors to “Signature” and it says so openly on their site lol. No idea why the heck they did that. So I wouldn’t put it past them to change names of SC, although, it’s not stated on the site.

In the case of Turkish, I’m not sure though because I didn’t detect any cane mint. What I got was as follows (lifted directly from my notes on ELR):

  • dried wood
  • dry nutty taste but I can also smell faint peanut which I don’t taste
  • slight chocolate (think of the smell of powdered chocolate for chocolate milk)
  • hint of maple sugar on the exhale but not sweet

I would liken it to a less complex version of Red Burley kinda, like in the same vein any way.

Your recipe looks tasty tho. Sesame is an interesting idea, may need to pick that up. Btw, have you compared Maxx Blend FA to Maxx Blend SC? Cuz I have FA, not sure if they’re close in flavor.

Also, Nicotiana Rustica has been on my radar for a while now. Might have to pick some up!


Have I? I’ve got no notes on this one at all. If I remember correctly the Dunhill SC has more of a cig flavour than Don Hill does. Wasn’t the Don Hill supposed to have a cedar note like Inawera Blend? That’s probably why they were both a disappointment, they don’t :smirk:


Yup. :wink:



Thought I’d mention German Flavors Arabian Nights again since it’s back in stock at Vapers Tek. This is my favorite cig-ish flavor to date, though it takes about 6 weeks of steeping to arrive at a slightly dry, minimally sweet and lightly toasted taste. (4% in 60PG/40VG)

The other reviews make it sound closer to RY4 or Cavendish, so I suppose their steep times are shorter.

Also worth a try is Perique Nobles. I taste a definite anise note in this one.


They buy TPA in bulk (55 gallon drums) for dirt cheap and rebottle/rebrand it under their “house brand” name Signature and sell it cheaper than they would be able to sell it with it coming directly from TPA in TPA bottles. :smirk:

I stopped buying Signature flavors a while back because of consistency issues; i.e. some flavors did not taste the same as when I got them directly from TPA. :imp:


Next time I order some TH nicotine ($40 a litre!) from VT, those are going in the cart! :grinning:


Gooood to know. I’m assuming/hoping this was because the gallon drums were not stirred up enough, as opposed to intentionally diluting flavors. Either way, will avoid ordering TPA from them. Wish BCV would start shipping to Canada, would make things much easier.



Flavorah question: I have to order a whack of Red Burley which I will be buying directly from Flavorah. Which other tobaccos do you recommend I pick up from them? I see “Classic Cigarette”, “Commercial Cigarette”, “Arabian” and some others that look interesting. Kentucky and Connecticut Shade I already have. Suggestions?

As you know, I fell in love with Red Burley, hoping some of their other tobaccos have the same effect. Still chasing that true tobacco mix.

Your expertise on the matter would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.


You might need to be the one who forges ahead with testing all the new FLV tobaccos. I know the Red Burley and Kentucky blend and Oriental are worth having in the stash, but I don’t know about all the rest. Brendan sent me 5 prototypes to test without any labels on the bottles. I was 100% sure on 3 of them (Red Burley, Kentucky and Oriental), but I have no clue what the other two are; Brendan never would give me confirmation on what those two other mystery tobaccos were supposed to be; they were palatable, but not all that and a bag of chips.

At this point in my DIY mixing endeavors, I’m pouring all of my cash and time into NET creations. Personally speaking, there is no comparison between the flavor of real tobacco to any synthetic tobacco on the market. So, as far as FLV or any other vendors tobacco, I don’t see myself buying any synthetic concentrates in the near future. Once I started doing NET (about this time last year), I’ve found it extremely hard to step back into the world of synthetic tobaccos and be happy with the flavor.

When vendors were able to send out free samples for review, I’d take any and all concentrates I could just for the fun of it. But, since August 8th, that scenario is now history. Thus, I’m concentrating on making my own concentrates. :grinning:


I’ve finally been able to test a couple of the FLV tobaccos that Brendan was kind enough to send me.

I mixed up 2% test batches of the flavors, and they have been steeping a month.

So far I’ve tried Virginia & Cured.

The Virginia was good. Light, with a bit of sweetness. I vaped a few tanks of it, as a stand alone, single flavor, and enjoyed it. I also used it as a complimentary flavor, added with others, in a mix. I feel it brought ‘positives’ to those mixes as well. I want to increase it from 2% to 3% on my next test batch, and see how that works. Over all, a :+1: so far.

The Cured to me, at 2% said ‘cigar’. I’m not a huge fan of cigar vapes, nor was I a huge cigar fan when I smoked. However, they do have their moments, in both vaping and smoking, when a cigar is ‘right’ for that particular moment. Cigars for me have an appeal span of about 10 minutes. After that, they get a bit overwhelming. With the cured, that same appeal span held true. What I actually enjoyed, was having a tank of Cured at 2% available to hit, when the mood struck me. I found myself reaching for it 4 or 5 times a day, and vaping it for 10 - 15 minutes, then going back to what I was originally vaping. I can see having a dedicated, small tank (I used a Nautilus Mini) for the Cured, just to have it available when the whim struck. It is a decent cigar flavor to me. I didn’t pick up on any fruits, spices, floral notes, etc. Just a nice, clean cigar taste, that hit the spot, a few times a day. True cigar lovers with a better trained palate may find reasons to critique Cured, but I give it a :+1:

I still have the FLV NET, and Kentucky Blend to test. They are just waiting for a cleaned & freshly wicked tank to test them in.

It sounds like I need to get my hands on some Red Burley.

More to come!


You consistently make a good argument for NETs. I have 100 bucks to spend on vaping… maybe I should just take the plunge and go get me some tobacco!!

I may pick up some FLV tobaccos just for fun and to get me through until all the NET steeping is done. If I do, I’ll definitely share my findings.




While we’re on the subject… I’ll be ordering single variety leaf from here http://www.pipesandcigars.com/pipe-tobacco/blending-tobaccos/.

But would you happen to know a good blended tobacco I can grab from the same site? I’m thinking that in the long term, making single variety NETs will give me more control over the final outcome cuz I’ll be able to blend them to my tastes. But I also want to give blended tobacco a shot and starting with a winner will give me something to vape while experimenting with the other leaf. I’m looking for non-aromatic (no fruity or sweet top notes) tobacco flavor with a punch.


Thanks d. I happen to have Cured in my stash. Smelled great but haven’t tasted it yet. Will def give it a go. Virginia sounds nice too. I’ve really got my eyes on Classic Cigarette too. Sounds too good to be true though.

As for Red Burley, at higher percents, I could see it coming off like a cigar. But you could drop it down to 2 or 1% in a mix and just get a rolling tobacco feel out of it I believe. The nice thing about Red Burley is that it’s a rich flavor, not a one trick pony. It’s got lots to it that any mixer can play off and in my opinion, easy to tailor to your palate.

Kentucky, I’ve only tried randomly at the end of a tasting session when my wick already had another juice on it. So my findings were not exact but it seemed hopeful. I really have to give it a proper taste and make some notes soon. Will post findings here.



Excellent. Good info, thanks noob!

That’s what I love about tobaccos. Being able to fine tune a percentage to find out how it changes the profile. Sometimes a 1% kick up or down puts it right in the wheelhouse.

I love blending different tobacco flavors. I usually start with a Hangsen tobacco, as the ‘backbone’ and then add low percentages of other tobaccos, to alter the personality just a bit. I never get tired of that.

Jim’s NET success is lighting a fire under me, to get back into NETs. I did a few attempts, but my methods were too aggressive. I put the tobacco & Everclear in a blender, and then gave them a couple of 12 hr baths at 150 degrees. I ended up with too much fine particulate, to filter out properly. Next time, I’ll be more gentle with it.


P&C is having a 20% off sale on Peter Stokkebye until the end of September. Awesome deal.

This is a great way to figure out what tobacco you will like; quality tobacco at a low price; one ounce is all you need. They have some great non-aromatic choices and English tobaccos from which to choose. One of my favorites so far, is the P.S. 306 English Oriental Supreme. :grinning: It has just enough Latakia in the mix to make things interesting while providing a wonderfully satisfying full flavored vape.

Smokingpipes.com is still on with their 15% off Cornell & Diehl tobacco.


Your Virginia, Black Cavendish, Cavendish are going to be on the sweet side of things, so the Burley and Latakia family is where your punch is going to be located. I’m slowing learning about Perique blends, but depending on the cut and mix of the Perique, it can go either way. Most common Perique is “Arcadian Perique”; i.e. Blended with Green River Kentucky Burley.

The Arcadian Perique I just bottled has a sweet/sour, musty, earthy and slightly pungent peppery quality to it which blends well with my Virginia; wonderful throat hit, in part to the Virginia being macerated in PGA.


We all live and learn! :wink: I’ve made many goofs myself.

For me, the most successful way of a PGA maceration to start off is, heating the PGA to 150 degrees, topping the tobacco with the warm PGA and then sending it off to the steep closet for a month. A slight roll of the tobacco in the jar every week to notice color changes is about all the agitation I provide during the process. The rest of the filtering process is a bit of a drag, but boy, it provides a clean extract. :grinning: Very much worth the hassle.

I’m a bit of a lazy butt most of the time, so PG macerations are typically my thing. But, I do have some Bengal Slices (both PGA and PG solvent mixes) which are due for filtering any day now! :kissing_heart::dash:…can’t wait.

Tobacco Extraction Using Heated Ethanol

Probably my first really good tobacco recipe…