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Tobacco Recipes


Thought you had a vapebreak in a certain place :laughing:


No, the ducking auto correct hates me and my face.


It’s not a bad place to have a vape break though.


Too much flavoring, try to keep the total under 15%, otherwise steeping will take much longer and it will have a purfume or chemical taste. To steep faster, you can try giving in a warm Kuerig bath, I generally put newly mixed flavors in a cup of warm water from my Kuerig once or twice to cut down on the steeping time, they are generally ready to vape after this.


Hello everyone,
I am experimenting with Virginia, Burley and turkish. Any particular recipe or any ideas?


It all kinda depends on the manufacturer of the concentrates you are using.

Small example: Personally, I detested every form of Burley, from every manufacturer, until Flavorah popped out their Red Burley. That one hit the mark for being true to the flavor of Burley tobacco.

Turkish tobaccos are much the same way; some are poop and some hit the mark. The SC Turkish was my fav.

I never really found a Virginia that was true to the name. The closest I got was Inawera Virginia Tobacco Absolute; even then, I used it sparingly in mixes with other tobaccos.

Happy hunting for your favorite tobacco concentrates! :wink:


Hello all! Hope everyone is vaping good these days.

Question… what flavor company is IDE and where can it be bought?

Another question… what is the best Virginia tobacco out there? I’m looking for something more defined than FLV Virginia. I already have INW Virginia TA and FA Virginia. What else would fit the bill?



Sorry can’t help with the rest @Kinnikinnick @Josephine_van_Rijn @Skullblade789 maybe able to chime in on the rest.,


Short answer, there isn’t any better Virginia (IMO), I know it is very disappointing :pensive:
The only other solution is to buy a good Virginia tobacco and make a NET.


I was worried you’d say that. I’ve picked up just about all the reputable bacco flavors now but I’m still wanting more leafs to mess with. A good Virginia is sorely needed.


Much thanks for your speedy reply!


Go to one leaf dot com and look for Virginia Flu. You can buy just a bout any type of leaves there. Get you some pg and soak the cut up leaves for 6 months. Totally worth the effort for a good net in my opinion.


Hey @The_Good_Way … good to know you’re still plugging away at finding that Holy Grail material. :wink:

Yeah, as @Josephine_van_Rijn says, finding a proper synth VA is like catching and bottling a spectre. :ghost: I’ve tried them all… no dice.

What I did find out was NET was the answer in finding true tobacco flavor. In fact, a VA tobacco was one of the first tobacco macerations I performed. If you wish to have a truly on point and happy VA tobacco concentrate… look into performing an Ethanol, PG or VG based VA NET… it will hit the spot. :sunglasses:



Or if you have a tobacconist shop close by, give them a look see; just don’t tell them what you’re doing with it… they get pissed off. :rage:

If you need some help with the NET process, give me a shout; I’ll be glad to offer my 2 cents of wisdom… it’ll take 1 3/4 minutes! :rofl:


Same here, what ever you need holla.



I forgot how much I like this thread. Most helpful place on the internet! I’ve done a few hot extractions and messed around a bit but the gunk factor is what keeps me from fully embracing the NET lifestyle. I filter through an aeropress twice, once with coffee filter, second time with 2 micron filter. Still gunky city after about 5mL in my dripper. I’m considering getting a cheap vacuum pump to attempt sub micron filtering.

Have you guys gone 100% NET or do you still dabble with synthetics. If you do, what are your favs?

My top synthetics are as follows…
-INW Black For Pipe
-INW Dark For Pipe
-INW Gold For Pipe
-FLV Red Burley
-SC Cohiba
-FLV Native or Kentucky (they taste pretty much the same imo)
-TFA Western (haven’t found a better leather note)
-FA Black Fire
-FLV Virginia (yes, not satisfactory but it beats FA Virginia)
-INW Cuban, Virginia, Garuda TA

For me, that is the cream of the crop and nothing else I try has come close. Can’t find anything else that competes with that list in the non-aromatic tobacco category.


I haven’t been on the Reddit in a while to catch some of your reviews, but I always enjoy reading your findings! :sunglasses:

Your favs list was pretty much my staple when I was mixing synths. Yeah… I’m 100% NET these days… in the groove and never to return to synths.

My wish for you… try an Ethanol maceration; the gunk factor will be much less worrisome. However, VA tobacco is always going to be somewhat of a gunk issue due to the natural dextrose in the leaf… can’t get around that fact. :smirk:

Str8vision, with ECF, is the Ethanol maceration master; do some searching in this thread and you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

I wouldn’t be where I am today in my NET skills without gleaning from Str8vision’s mastery of the NET process, willingness to record, and profusely share what he knows with fellow NET lovers! :innocent: I nominate him for NET Sainthood!


Can anyone help me out a bit, I have been playing around with Inw Ry-4 TDM and at first, I thought this heavy cherry note was Vanilla Tahity I had used, but after mixing single recipe, I still taste heavy cherry. Has anyone else used INW Ry-4 and experienced this? I just cannot find any flavor notes on it in which people tasted cherry, but I do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


It is not unheard of that mislabeling or contamination can happen at the source; be it the original source or the sales vendor (should they rebottle from 55 gallon barrels of the stuff). Hell, I’ve gotten tobaccos straight from Poland that were NOT what it said on the label. Disappointed! :rage:

But… if it were my job to bottle and label thousands of little bottles of flavoring for minimum wage (maybe)… I might screw up a bottle or two in the process. :confused:


Speaking of NETS here are my new babies.


Oh thank you very much for the link, you practically read my mind. I remember you mentioning ethanol extractions a while back in context to reducing gunk. Will read up on this.

I’ve been a bit quiet on Reddit lately. Mostly just lurking. Work has had me pretty busy, managed to post a few this week tho and will hopefully get back in the groove.