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Tobacco Recipes


It can be taxing to keep juggling everything when you’re a busy individual! :wink:


Very true. It’s satisfying in some way tho. Having received so much help from people like yourself, it’s the least I can do to give back and pass the knowledge forward. Best community on earth! (especially the tobacco heads :))


Plz any suggestions for good mix " mocha tobacco "


You might find some good info in these threads:

Or put coffee or mocha into the search line and you’ll find a great number of folks have searched for a coffee or mocha flavor… then, just add your favorite tobacco concentrate and BAM!!! :boom: …there’s your juice.


My opinion is that ry4double is not really a tobacco flavor.you know it mostly is caramel and vanilla and just a light scent of tobacco.at 10% as a solo test after 20 days steeping i am pretty sure you get mostly burnt caramel.maybe try it in lower percentage.about 5-6% and 15 days steep would be better.but still not a real tobacco flavor.it is good in all kinds of mixes from tobacco to apple pies but if you look for a real tobacco mix i think inawera is really the only way if we leave out the net concentrates


That’s what I always thought but been to afraid to say out loud :sweat_smile:


a real tobacco flavor cannot be mixed with apple pie or vanilla bean ice cream or cream cheese:smiley:


I’ve never been particularly impressed with what RY4 Double brings to the table, either. It seems to be a very popular choice, when added to bakery or dessert type recipes with multiple flavors, that are then called a ‘tobacco’. Maybe it’s just me, but when a recipe with a 10% total of various flavors has 1.5% RY4D added, why bother? I don’t think I’d be able to tell there was even a tobacco in there.


With people that usually don’t like tobacco’s. Like Soho it does very well in bakery, dessert juices but I wouldn’t call it a tobacco juice either.
I’m :duck:ing now waiting for the backlash :no_mouth: :zipper_mouth_face: :fearful:


Well, I’ll share some of the backlash with you…lol.

Out of the RY flavors I have tried, I like the HS RY1 the best. I mix that 50/50 with HS Indian (RY1 also goes well with HS Highway) to make a tobacco ‘base’ for a recipe. If I want to steer it a bit, towards a RY4 ‘style’ combo, I’ll add just a bit of INW Vanilla for Pipe, and just a bit of FA Caramel Candy. I figure since it’s a tobacco mix, why not use a vanilla tobacco for the vanilla component? Besides, it’s the only vanilla I have…lol. But it works.

I think the trick is start with a good tobacco ‘base’ then add just a bit of the complimentary flavors to move towards the RY4 type flavor desired. I dunno, that’s just my thought process. We’re DIYers, why use someone else’s version of RY4, when it’s easy to build a customized version of our own.


it is a popular choise because it is a safe choise. it doesn’t mess up tobacco or dessert recipes if used in low %


ry4 flavors are mostly virginia-burley tobaccos mixed with caramel and vanilla.i also use vanilla for pipe but i think vanilla shisha inawera is also a very good support in tobacco recipes


I have both of them but have never tried them together. Thanks for the tip and sharing the backlash. :wink:


Has anyone tried Red Burley Flavorah vs Burley (FA)? I want to buy Red Burley but here I can find only the FA version…


Personally I’d go for the Flavorah, it is the best burley around according to the people who’ve tried several.


Thnx. I have seen the notes that’s why I want to go for Flavorah but have you tried both?


Nope, before Flavorah’s came out I had avoided the burley of any vendor because of the bad reviews it got from people that I trust when it comes to tobacco flavours.
I had enough flavours that I didn’t like already :wink:


I will trust you on this thank you!


I guess I play outside the safe zone, occasionally, with tobacco mixes.

A couple of years ago, I mixed up a test batch of HS Arabic for the first time. I didn’t know any better and mixed it at 10% as a stand alone test mix.

My nose hairs are still growing back from that one.

Yes, I get your point though. A low percentage of RY4D isn’t going to change the outcome of a recipe much. So in that respect, yes, it’s safe.


I have fun mixing tobacco flavors together, to see what they provide, combined. I rarely stick to ‘recipes’, in the conventional sense. I have 30 ml bottles of single flavor mixes, of my main / favorite tobaccos. I think I have 15 different ones. Then I have about 15 of my favorite complimentary flavors (single flavor mixes) in 15 ml bottles.

When I experiment / mix, I just use ‘parts’ like 2 parts RY1, 2 parts Indian, 1/3 part Shade, 1/4 part Caramel Candy (that’s actually a really good combination). The ‘parts’ are whatever eyedropper happens to be in that bottle… lol. Pretty scientific, huh?

I just stick the ‘parts’ in a tank. Roll it around a little, and put it aside for the next morning, when I head to work. The individual parts are all very well steeped, already, they all have the same % of PG, VG, & nic. The overnight rest, gives the flavors a chance to blend a little. The next morning I screw the tank on the mod, put in a fresh battery, and head out. What was that, about playing it safe?.. j/k.

It is very rare that I end up with something I don’t find really good. I mean almost never. I’m getting better at writing down what parts went into the tank. I’m terrible about notes. Quite often I think, man, this is really good. What the hell did I put in here?