Flavors to avoid at all costs!

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In an effort find the best of each vendors flavors, it proved to be a tough task. My efforts with this are to only buy the best rated flavors possible. But as I come find it’s very subjective… so to take it in a different direction I’d like to create list of flavors that’s just impossible to work with and are not true to the flavor it should be by your own experience with that particular flavor. Feel free to offer any comments you can add. If you don’t agree with any flavor posted let us know how you were able to make that flavor work.


My first two I found impossible to work with is Cherry LA and Rasberry LA. They both are loaded with food color and not true to the flavor it should be. I never got 1 successful mix from these to flavors.


Lemon Lime Cooler (TPA) turns every liquid I’ve tried using it in cloudy and makes them taste like a chemically plastic. Might be possible to use it in a glass dropper bottle but I’m not really psyched to try and find out. I’ve had a liquid made with this back in the day that was palatable, but, meh. Better things to do.

Key Lime (TPA) is also tough for me to use. I haven’t had a successful mix with it yet, but I haven’t totally given up either. That being said, I’m gonna try Lime Tahity Cold Pressed by FA and I may wind up abandoning it then.

Black Sesame (TPA) is so incredibly strong that I haven’t used it much. I may try diluting it more, but I haven’t come up with anything I’m really interested in using it for. I bought it more for the novelty of it.

Crispy Bacon (Cap) - Just don’t. Dog food and old urine is what it made me think of. It came as part of Capella’s summer seven pack. It is the only flavor I’ve ever thrown away.

PS…I moved this to the Flavors category. I hope that’s okay.


TPA - Raisin: Just nasty; nuff said.

(Sad, cause I wanted a rum raisin vape)


Just fyi, you can get LorAnn colorless raspberry, watermelon, peach, grape, and banana cream. I would imagine that because they are typically used for candy, that they’re more candy flavored…? I don’t have any yet, so I can’t really comment on their usability. I’ve got some coming though. Now I’m worried. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


OK, I got this…

Mango from Vapor Shots or as they are now know Flavor Envy. Their Mango is the closest thing to cat piss without actually sqeezing it out of the cat, yum, yum…

MaryJane from TFA. Taste more like the Bong Water rather than the herb

Red Type, Red Type 2, M-type, Tobacco Flavor from TFA. If these taste like tobacco then Skunk should make a good Vape Flavor…

Mocha, both TFA and Flavor West. Some will disagree with this but as much as I hate to admit it Flavor Envy formerly Vapor Shots has by far the best Mocha. No comparison…

Cookies and Cream from Flavor West. No other vendor has tried to make this flavor, with good reason…

Black Cherry, butterscotch, cantelope, green tea, honey, lemon, mango, Maraschino Cherry, Passion Fruit, Pomegranate, Popcorn, Red Velvet Cake from TFA, not great in the rating…

Coffee&Cream, Dr. Soda. Hawaii Island Punch, Mt. Dew, Tobacco Coumarin Pipe, Tobacco Honey Wood, From Flavor West


Black Cherry, Butterscotch, Cantalope, Green tea, Maraschino Cherry, Passion Fruit, Pomegranate.

I have these in my stash and has only used Butterscotch, which is currently steeping. Do you have a preferred vendor for the flavors.

Black cherry is said to be one of the better cherry flavors. I have butterscotch and it’s not spot on butterscotch, kinda weak IMO, but not super offensive. Green tea you have to use sparingly as it can be kinda skunky and earthy. I can verify TPA Tobacco to be bleh. I dunno bout the rest. Maraschino Cherry has a reputation for tasting like cleaner or cough syrup or something chemically like that.

PS…I took the quotes off the title. It was killing me. I’m awful, I’m so sorry!! LoL. I can put them back if you want.

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I’m hoping to get the best vendors version of these flavors. If anyone has a better version of these PLEASE POST IT.

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I like flavor west for Butterscotch and Cantalope. The rest, can’t say I’ve got a decent vendor on those. Truth be told I wouldn’t buy another cherry flavor from any company even if you bought it for me. I have given up blending with cherry…


Have to agree 100%. Pitch all other vendor butterscotch except FW. I went through them all for my wife’s sake, cause she loves her Deadly Sin juice. FW is dead on for the flavor.


I love good info… On my to do list! You getting this @JoJo?


I feel their cantelope is also dead on and many others as well…


I know I am fairly new to vaping so I might know what a great juice tastes like yet (or a bad one for that matter) but I was surprised to see Black Cherry (TPA) and Key Lime (TPA) on the list.
I made a mix last weekend with Black Cherry, Pear, Key Lime and Lemon (all tpa) and loved it. My wife and a couple friends that tried it also liked it.


Thanks for your reply. It’s good to see you had success with these flavors. Did you share this recipe on ELR Calculator… If so can you post a link?

It’s there but still marked private. Wanted to see how it tasted after curing for a week before sharing it.


And herein lies the problem with these lists. Taste is so subjective and some people can work with flavors that others can’t. Even if a majority of people don’t like a flavor, a few people may. Nature and nurture seriously alters what people find pleasant. Just because I hate a flavor doesn’t mean someone else can’t work wonders with it. So we can say “THESE are the flavors I would seriously avoid” or “THESE are the greatest flavors ever” and there’s always going to be the chance that you’re missing out on a flavor that you actually really love or you grab a flavor that you wind up hating. Over time, I really hope I’m able to try all the flavors (that I’m interested in) regardless of their rating. Who knows what I may find I like or what the people I mix for like?

That being said, I do think for those on a budget and just getting started it is a good idea to try and find flavors that the majority of people find pleasing. This reduces the chance of someone getting discouraged with what they’re doing and giving up. I think a better way of going about this is to highly encourage all the ‘master’ mixers or even those moderately experienced to rate and comment on their flavors in ELR. A lot more people use the calculator than are here on the forums. I’m guilty of not rating and commenting on my flavors, too. I know coming across some comments on a flavor about what to expect from it is really helpful. Reading and commenting on these threads has helped me realize how much it would help if I gave ratings and comments more often.

As always, this is just MHO. Not trying to knock this out, and I’ll continue to give my input and help out when I can. I just felt this needed to be said. It may be obvious to some of us, but to others they will take some of these as gospel truth when it’s not.


INA Capuccino. Not even once.


To be honest the flavors to avoid was really not my goal. Certain vendors flavor are just superior to others . I was hoping compile a list of what’s best, it doesn’t seem as if this gonna happen. When shopping for flavors I’m not sure about I’ll just ask the group and go from there. Like you said it so subjective that we will never reach a concensus anyway. Thank for trying.

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Not being a big list maker myself (B type personality), I do see good things and iffy things about making lists. @Jojo is correct in saying, as we all have, taste is subjective. What we are throwing on the forum is “our opinion” of a flavor. I do agree with making individual categories for manufacturers flavorings under the Eliquids section. I kinda thought that the DIY juice reviews category was for this? Maybe I’m wrong. I can move all those review posts to another section if needed. Anyway, reviewing flavors is a good thing. I think what @NewDrip is looking for is a super concise and to the point kinda listing measure. Sadly, this may not happen.