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Trying to quit


I’m trying to switch from smoking to vaping, I’ve tried the single disposable vape cigs but they are too expensive. Friends have told me that some vapes are too difficult or they leak. Can I get some recommendations?


That’s a difficult question because different people like different. I recommend you walk up to your local vape shop(s) and try a couple different things to see what you like. The equipment you start with AND the liquid are important to keep you satisfied. There are a lot of starter kits but for me personally, they all failed and it wasn’t until I tried something they called “more advanced” that I got the necessary satisfaction to stay off tobacco.

There are many different types of vape devices and it’s important that you get a satisfying vape from it. Disposable ecigs (i.e. the 1st generation of e-cigarettes) are not really known for their efficacy because they cost quite a bit and don’t give the most satisfying vaping sensation, not the best flavor nor vapor production. I’d definitely look into something with a refillable tank, but whether you need a subohm or MTL (mouth to lung) or whatever is really a personal thing. Try before you buy and buy something that will keep you off the stinkies. Don’t let the sales people just sell you anything to make a buck. Try different shops, different hardware/iquids and keep asking questions until you’re convinced you have the right thing for you.

Also try to figure out which nic % you would need. A lot of this depends on the hardware you’re using (less vapor production will require a higher % of nicotine in your juice).


I just quit about 2 months ago I have an asmodus mod with a Aspire Nautilus 2 tank on top I did a lot of research trying to find the best mouth to lung tank out there and I kept coming back to the Aspire Nautilus tank but after like the first month I stopped doing mouth to lung hits and just started direct inhaling I also tried the Disposable cigarettes they were really expensive I smoked about two packs a day and I had to buy two disposable cigarettes a day just to get me through the day and that was like 20 bucks and I kept going back to smoking cuz it didn’t really satisfy me I got my girlfriend the Aspire Nautilus 2 tank also she didn’t even want to quit smoking but she liked it so much that she quit two it’s got a small tank but other than that works great I also recommend the 1.8 coils I heard the other ones leak a lot I guess it really doesn’t matter what mod you put on top of it cuz you’re only going to go up two about 14 watts but give it a try that works for me and I was a chain-smoker sometimes smoking close to three packs a day I was in a bad accident and was bedridden for almost a year so if it works for me it’ll most likely work for you good luck it’s well worth it I gained a little weight but I feel a lot better I have asthma too and I haven’t used my inhaler since I quit smoking


By the way it helps if you find a good juice that you like I tried almost every tobacco out there from black note to my vape shops house juice and I seem to stick with RY4 double but if you’re looking for juice that’s going to taste like a cigarette you’ll never find it you just have to find one that you like you’ll never match the flavor of a cigarette


I too started with a mouth-to-lung from aspire but within 2 weeks I was already looking for an upgrade. Had I done some more testing / research, I would’ve saved myself about £80 on equipment, batteries and coils because I moved on to a direct-lung device within a month and never looked back.


Yeah I was thinking of buying a new tank also something where I can rebuild the coils I tried rebuilding the coils on the Aspire Nautilus bvc coils but it seems like I taste a weird cotton taste


I think I had to get my lungs used to the vapor cuz I first that hurt my lungs just doing a little mouth too long hit I finally got used to it and I can blow some big clouds now


MTL or DL rebuildable tank? Build coil in tank or rebuildable coils?


I’ll echo the advice above that you should buy something nice. Not expensive or too advanced, but nothing cheaply made either. I started with a starter kit from a local vape shop, where you get 2 battery units and two tanks, eGo style, and a nifty little case for around 30 bucks. But the tanks were plastic and i was always getting liquid in my mouth. The batteries were cheap, too and you couldn’t put them in your pocket. Had one snap in half!
Your local shops should have decent liquids to start with. They should be in the right ratio for the device you get, probably 50/50 PG/VG if you go mouth to lung(most like a cigarette would be inhaled). Higher VG for direct to lung(most like a hookah or smoking a joint, if you ever tried that;)

If you were a heavy smoker, and are using a low wattage mouth to lung style device, like the Nautilus, you might start with an 18mg nic, 8-12mg if moderate. If you go with a more powerfu device, sub ohm style, those levels will be way too high, because more vapor production equals more nic into your body. 3mg or 6 at the highest, in my experience, would do.

I started with a Turkish tobacco flavored liquid that was just fine for the transition, then tried a coffee flavor, ended up mixing the two, then later found fruits and desserts more satisfying.

Just stick with it when you switch! You may have to go through a couple of different set-ups to find your sweet spot, but even with the tinkering and extra stuff you have to learn and do, it gets easier every day, and it is waaaaaayyyy better in all aspects than smoking. Within a week, all of my nagging coughs and wheezing went away, and i could sleep through the night without forgetting to breathe!

I hope this helps!


One thing i did that helped in justifying buying a nicer device, was to calculate how much I was spending in cigarettes for a week/month. I was smoking 1, sometimes 2 packs a day, American spirits@$7/pack. So, a minimum of $50 per week/$200/month! That was my justifiable vape budget because I wasn’t buying any more cigarettes. So, spending $80-100 on a tank & device + liquid was well within my range.


I’ve reommended and purhased these AIO 's for new converts many times with great success:

HIGHLY recommend using only 6mg or lower nic if you go to something like this or any sub-ohm setup.

Good luck with your endeavors. I smoked for 40 yrs and vaping was the ONLY thing that finally got me off the stinkies 2 1/2 yrs ago!


ok here is what i would suggest , get a descent mod like an alien or something , you can buy the kit it comes with a descent top or get an original crown sub ohm tank , dont make this hard , that is why i am suggesting starting with the crown top it has great flavor and hits hard , ive had no leaking issues , now some people are going to possibly suggest rdas etc imo that too much for someone already having a hard time quiting ciggs , just make the switch as easy as possible so you dont get overwhelmed and if your in the states id be willi g to send you some juice so your not breaking the bank at the shops , look at the all in ones like @Alisa suggests or the smok tfv8 the aspire kits like the k2 ,3 or 4


@MichelleR What to buy? As said above there are two different types of Vapers …DTL and MTL. This simulates how you smoke cigs. If you inhale into you mouth then into your lungs you are used to Mouth to Lung. If you inhale more deeply (familiar with bongs? :wink: No answer required ) you are a Direct to Lung smoker. Many devices can deliver both by adjusting the airflow. Devices with built-in batteries can leave you without power, which translates into a Nicotine Fit. Always have a charged device or additional batteries.

Most bult-in battery devices can last the day and get charged while you sleep, but you can also look for devices with the “Pass Through” feature that allow you to plug in and charge and still vape. As you gain experience you can find info on great deals here, but that can mean weeks of waiting (shipping from China), so maybe getting something locally is smarter for Now. It’s also good to have someone to give you some hands-on training, so a wise choice of Vape Shop is recommended.

Your Stinkie Budget is now your Vape Budget. Choose a couple different flavors at the Vape Shop to discover what flavor profile you like. Fruits, Tobacco (RY4 was a great recommendation above), Ice Cream, Bakery flavors etc. Even if you end out tossing them (Hated it!) you’re still saving money (and your health?) and it’s the only entry to your new Journey! A flavor you love! …and maybe can make yourself (or something similar).

@Alisa Alisa’s recommendation for an eGo AIO is good because it can also help you get over the Social discomfort you may experience as a new Vaper. Those are super popular and inconspicuous and easily slip into your purse or pocket. Those little eGo 600mah pens from the grocery store are junk and too weak to deliver satisfaction enough to give up smoking. By next year you might have some massive hand full of hardware, but avoid buying something too crazy today ($$$) as you need to be successful in your entry to Vaping (or exit from Smoking!).


I think there are better starter kits on the market today (especially flavor wise).

Got a good review here recently

My personal favourite (use clr coils even if you don’t rebuild them)

Lots of coil option both DL and MTL. Plus GS 0.75 ohm coils give great flavor.

Probably many more.

Lots of respect for the aio as it has helped many people quit but I do really think there are better options today. The above all do MTL and DL


NOTE: the above items are also the popular ones, likely available at your Vape Shop. I’m a fan of eLeaf myself …make sure the shop has the replacement coils! When you choose a built-in battery model, the higher to MaH rating the longer it will stay charged


hit up aspire pretty much all of the starter kits they do are excellent for beginners always to mtl first an make sure you have a couple different flavours to start with, trying to vape stuff you don’t like will not work I know this from experience


The economic cost or savings is just one thing, but the good health you get in return for quitting smoking, that’s the real benefit.
I taste better, I smell better, I don’t stink of ash and smoke everywhere I am, I can do the sports I did before without getting out of breath while coughing the whole time, and I don’t have a sore throat for the better part of a year anymore. All that, that’s priceless.


I agree, wholeheartedly! My comment was just to help someone to hopefully avoid buying the cheapest device in the shop, to justify it with the savings from quitting. Those cheapies were so frustrating, leaking and generally being crappy. If I hadn’t had the resolve I had, I might have given up instead of climbing the quality ladder to better devices. Giving my calculation for a monthly vape budget was only done to, hopefully, help someone reach just a rung or two higher on that ladder, to avoid discouragement and frustration.


I started with the eleaf istick TC 220 mod with the Cleito. When I started looking at vaping items I was overwhelmed because there is so much out there. Looking back I probably start a little more advanced for someone who just started out. Plus I was vaping 12mg on a sub ohm tank which I found to much for me. It took me a a few weeks to acclimate to vaping from smoking. Don’t give up right away. I was getting my nicotine so my addiction to it was covered. I have a huge sweet tooth so finding ejuice I liked was somewhat easy. Not to mention that after getting sweet flavor clouds, I lit a cigarette and it tasted like sh!t. My experience was that it took a little getting used to the tasks involved with Vaping. Refilling tanks, charging batteries, buying and changing coils, etc. Nothing easier than just lighting a cig, but nothing much worse for you. It took me some time, but in the end it worked like a charm. I have not smoked a cigarette in about 9 months. It became a passionate hobby. Now I build my own coils, mix my own ejuice, try my hardest to make new recipes, and found an awesome group of people in the vaping community. Start small. The starter kits mentioned above are a great place to start. Just always remember that smoking is, very expensive, makes you smell like an ashtray, and is killing you slowly.


hi there… this is a hard question for real… though IF i could suggest you something in case you want to use manufactured atomizers i would suggest you something like Melo 4… he’s not leaking (at least in my knowloedge) while at the same time you have tonz of choices in atomizers and this will give you a big variety in your vaping experience… you can choose from a variety of many atomizers since it’s atomizer is compatible with Fumytech Ferotank, Aspire Atlantis, Aspire Triton, Eleaf melo 2 + 3, vaporesso target… every company provides it’s atomizers, and even in same ohms you can have a different experience MTL and DL too… :slight_smile:

when it comes to a mod… oh well i would recommend you something like istick pico 25 (imho it’s value for money) if you don’t want to spend really a lot… else your choices go at like starter kits like EGO AIO etc… but that’s just my opinion :slight_smile: