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Ultrasonic or not! How do you shake it?


What idears have you got to shake your vape?

Newby help

frothier kinda


Look at the thread called “Steeping it like a pro” it may give you some ideas!!


@tbt127 thanks for your reply. Already looked just looking for new idears. :+1:


@quitter1 ???


USC, does technically shake via ultrasonic, magnetic mixer is very good but juice needs to be warmed prior to spinning, frother easy not necessarily necessary for the juice to be warmed prior to frothing and then there’s the hand method that wears my poor wrists out. Some ppl have made clever things out of tumblers and then put them in dryers and crazy stuff like that.


@amy2 was in my local hobby shop and came across a small propeller for a modle boat and fits inside 30ml bottle and attached it to my drill. Brilliant. Not too fast or liquid can leave the bottle. :smile:


I bought this small rotary tool at an auto parts store. I attached this mixer from a small paint mix kit. It has an AC power supply and spins at 3000 rpms. It will froth them in about 30 seconds.


I too use a drill, but I use a coffee stirrer straw cut to look like a propeller and it fits inside of any size bottle…I can also use it at full speed this way!!!


@Pro_Vapes that looks like a nice little gadget. Al keep an eye poen for one. Previously used a cotton bud cut at the end to make a small propeller, similar idear as yours until i tryed a model shop for a small boat propeller. Great little thing. :+1:


@Pro_Vapes i have a dremmel which is a similar device i just need a bit to fit in the end of it that will fit my bottles. Great idear though. Thanks.


Many have used a length of kanthal or other wire, to make a frothing attachment to the drill :smile:


@daath excellent idear. Never thought of that. Cheers👍


I made my engraving tool into a frothier… with twisted wire …I posted a picture on here a while ago I’ll see if I can find it?



@quitter1 I’m in the process of makin such a device. I’ll let you know how it works. Thanks. :+1:


I second @quitter1’s idea. I had a frother that was just sitting there because I mix in bottle and the thing didn’t fit down in the bottle. So I made a kanthal whisk and stuck it in there. Works like a charm and fits into tiny bottle necks. :smile:


Thanks for the idea @JoJo I just made a kanthal whisk to use on the drill…haven’t tried it yet but it looks good…I was using a coffee stirrer that was cut on the end to look like a propeller but this looks like it might froth it a little better than that :grinning:


New Yorker by chance? @Pattie


@Damondo no uk my friend.