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Ultrasonic or not! How do you shake it?


Was just wondering mate. The only times Ive ever heard the word “idear” was around here in New York :wink:




A propeller! Perfect. I have to find one now. I used a nail polisher thing that my wife had laying around (don’t tell her) and modified it a bit and it works great. I’ll post a pic of it once the phone charges.


The tip on the shaft is a gutted Nautilus coil head with the twisted 26g kanthal poking out of the wicking holes and bent back. I filled the coil head with rtv silicone to minimize wobble. The only problem is the momentary switch. Have to rewire it with a 3V power supply and a pot to change speeds - and a stand so I can do other things while it stirs.


@Lostmarbles im busy just now trying to figure out how to make an off center wooden box with compartments i can fit into my drill press. It has good speed control and i can leave it to run to get on with other things. I’ll post a pic if it works. It would only hold 30 ml bottles due to reach of drill press but your idear seems ok for bigger bottles.


Oh, it’s complete overkill on my part. I realize that but I have to keep busy or it may lead to more dangerous projects like making a time machine out of my Ford Focus (I can’t afford a Delorean).


@Lostmarbles nice one. Ha. :ok_hand:


@Pattie ; I velcro a bottle of juice to my rat terriers collar, open the back door and yell…“SQUIRREL!”…and after an hour of him running around the yard looking for that critter, I have perfectly mixed juice! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

…just kidding! I use a milk frother. :wink: but not a bad idea for the energy use of a rat terrier.


just use a piece of twisted 22g and flare it @the end??


@Jimk brilliant idea that mate. Ha! Belta. :+1:


@quitter1 theres loads of idears thats came about all to get the same results from the very simple but not so obvious to the most intricate machines. Its been fun to see what everyone came up with. Thank you @quitter1 and also to everyone else. Vape on ppl✌


That’s kind of what I did in the pic above, but I bent it a little like a golf club. Does a great job, but I think a propeller would look really cool.


@Lostmarbles just found my dremmel tool today in the shed so going to convert that puppy and see how i get on. :ok_hand:


frothing adds alot of O2 which I hear lets the flavors integrate… O2 in flavor out?


Am I the only guy who just shakes the shit out of my juices daily for a few days and then leaves them alone to steep???

At my last count I had 1200ml of juice in bottles steeping lol

I think I have a problem.


@Jondamon Doesn’t half build the arm up though. Ha :smile::+1:


You’re telling me lol @Pattie



@quitter1 I found it wabbled alot the one i made today. Need to get a bit stiffer wire possibly stainless if i can and make a z shaped pattern so it has a head lenth of about 3/4 ins zzzzz-------------------- something like that shape. Excuse the technical drawing. Haha!:v:


I have what u need pm me ur address and I’ll send some along I have a well what’s left of a 10lb roll send me ur address if u want I’ll send extra so u can build w it???


@quitter1 how do i pm you?