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Ultrasonic or not! How do you shake it?


click on my eye ouch… and then click on message and then…it’s actually a skull if you look


I’ve attached my 30 ml bottles to the blade of my jigsaw (taped) with a rubber hair elastic and shaken them at about 2000 CPM. I usually make 20 ml samples in 30 ml bottles. This leaves them very frothy after about 20 to 30 seconds. I wish I knew to whom I should give credit for the idea - I read it in a similar thread elsewhere.


@Jimmer I think I’ve seen that somewhere before my friend but you’ve just reminded me. I only have a jigsaw but I’ll give it a go. Have to find the longest blade i have and plenty of duct tape. Good idear!:+1: I’ve just noticed that you have a jigsaw. Ha ha ha. Its late and thats my excuse and im sticking to it. Ha! Cheers :smile:


waayyy toooo much work??? no???


Not really Q…I have the jigsaw on my desk on its side, I just strap the elastic around the bottle and pop it on, shake, strap the next one on. It’s quite quick once you are set up.


best of luck to you sir!


the best is the random orbit sander… it’s the same as a lab instant mixer when u push down on one it does the exact I mean exact same thing…


$1.99 clamp from harbour freight. Cut an old reciprocating saw blade in half and bolted it to the clamp. Holds up to 50ml bottles. 30 seconds at high speed and that’s all they need!

I have heard that the exact same clamp can work in a jigsaw…


@Tucsonbroker good idear mate but I haven’t got a reciprocating saw. Blade not long enough for my jigsaw tried thismorning. Yours is a good idear👍


From what I’ve read in another forum, the end of this clamp will fit right into the jigsaw with no modification needed. If you don’t have a harbor freight near you, Irwin makes the same clamp and they sell it at home improvement stores.


@Tucsonbrokera might just give that a try. Got Irwin clamps just need to attach it. Cheers👍


I’ve been following this post and our members are very creative when it come shaking recipes. I invested like $15 and I go from left to right in under 30 seconds. It even fit into my 15 ml glass bottles. I even use it up to 250 mls.


@Pro_Vapes Thats quite a difference in 30 seconds. I already have the rotary tool i just cant find the whisk part to go with it. Ive tryed twisting wire to make it stiff enough and by the time I’ve made it stiff enough its too thick to go in the tool and the collet wont grab it. Nightmare!!! If i could get the whisk i would be sorted. If anyone has a link to to buy one in the uk it would be appreciated. :+1:


Before I got this whisk I used a heavy clothes hanger and bent a hoop on the tip. My previous 3 whisks.


@Pro_Vapes never thought of that. Had the tool shed upside down today looking for something suitable. I’ll give that a try. Thanks man. :+1:


Just use the stiffest wire you can find. Flimsy wire will bend and break glass.


@Pro_Vapes thanks for the advice. Much appreciated.



Good find. A bigger version of that with a timer would be cool. Set the timer, fix your bottle on and away you go. :yum:


I had one that looked like that… the Hobby Paint Shaker. Worked OK for up to 30ml bottles. It finally bit the dust :slight_smile:

They’re on eBay for 30 bucks or so.