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Ultrasonic or not! How do you shake it?


Several folks here use one and swear by it. @JoJo has one, ask her too.

@Scottes777 I have one, used it for some time now, but not on e-juice.
I make tinctures [mostly for use on the critters here [my zoo] and many of them ‘require’ I make extracts using alcohol [vodka]. When they need to be applied soon after making, the alcohol can burn when used topically, so I use the Badger to spin the hell out of the mix and help evaporate the alcohol. It also aids in breaking up the herbs I use, and makes straining faster/easier. There is more to it than that, but you get the idea.
Personally, for me, it is too fast for e-juice, no different than a frother, or any other similar device/contraption…I like my juice mixed at a slow steady pace, with friction gradually adding heat to it. That’s just me, and because I have mixed so many thick liquids the same way for so long…and I am too old to change, eh?


My first mixer was a couple of strands of 22g kanthal with an open loop at the end and attached to a nail polisher my wife forgot she had. Worked like a charm until the motor burned out.
See if something along those lines might work for you.


This is the upgrade to my DIY mixer. It’s cheap, but it works and the attachments mean I can use any size bottle or jar.


that is awesome and cheap and way less intimidating then all these saws and drills ive been seeing im going to get me one of those


I’ve had mine for about 5 months and use it a few times a week with no issues. It’s only on it’s second set of batteries. You can also order the attachments only should they break on ya.


I do thanks to @ozo and it is fantastic. :smiley: Best for wide neck bottles/boston rounds/beakers/etc. as it doesn’t fit down in skinny necks but it does a heck of a job wheezin’ the juice.


That is all I use and they work great for me in 30ml large opening and even small opening 30ml by tilting to the side just a little while putting it in the bottle neck. I also use it when mixing 150 to 180 ml batches in mason jars it just takes longer to froth.


I picked up one of these a few months ago on eBay for $50 shipped. My 15ml boston rounds fit perfectly into the holder on top and shakes up a bottle of even 80vg juice in less than 10 seconds. On my 30ml LDPE bottles it takes a bit longer, and I have to hold them upside down. The only downside is that the largest centrifuge tube I’ve been able to find that’s reasonably priced is 50ml. Okay for now since I’m only making max 30ml at a time.


Simple fix…just go to any lab supplier [Amazon is a good start for contacts]
Tell them the model you have, they will hook you up with what fits…that you want.

Google lab supplies/suppliers, there are oodles and gobs of them…find the item(s) you want,
then google them for the best price.
Lab equipment is pricey, so do your research after you get the answers.


Thank you for the tips Ozo. Off to research now! :smiley:


SEOH is a great lab supplier, and one of the most reasonably priced.


Well I got my Badger 121 and it doesn’t fit any of my 15ml or 30ml bottles.

But it’s very close, so I’ll just grind down the tips and make it fit. :slight_smile:


Just get new bottles…
You may fuck up the balance on that precision tool…


I use that wand on my mini dremmel type. It fits all the way down to my 15ml glass boston rounds.


I can’t imagine any bottle that I would use, to mix in, that the Badger would not fit in.


I guess I just managed to buy small bottles. Breaking out the calipers, the Badger measures 10.92mm, my 30ml bottles measure 10.20mm and my 15ml bottles also measure 10.20mm. So it’s close, but there it is.


I thought that up last week and the bottle kept coming off


I use a plumbing strap…the kind you can tighten with a screw driver.

But to be honest. Now that I mix 12-16 at a time I havnt bothered doing it lately. Just a good shake and off to the drawer they go.


I just started diy a few days ago and I did a lot of looking around and the best thing I found was a magnetic mixer hot plate. I picked one up from ebay that mixes 9 separate beakers. I’m seeing conflicting opinions on heat, but I think this will be the way to go as far as mixing goes. I thought about the vortex gene to buy this one I can let run all day night unsupervised do I went that direction. I’ll report back to this thread if anyone is interested in how it works.


Hello all,
This is my first reply post here on ELR, (it is a great, great resource…Indispensable), I would give my two cents in here, what I do is…

  1. Mix all that stuff you want (I do it by weight)
    -don’t shake, don’t put the cap on (I use 50 ml LDPE)
  2. Secure the bottle in a wooden box (or any box) so that there are zero chances for the bottle to fall or tilt
  3. Put a small pipe into the bottle (which has the juice)
  4. Attach the other end of pipe to a small aquarium bubbler pump
  5. Switch on and leave it for 20 min
    -It becomes nice and frothy (my ratio is 15/85
  6. Let the bottle settle for about 2 hrs in the cabinet.
  7. Now give a warm bath
  8. let it cool (2hrs)
  9. let it sit over night
  10. Repeat the process next day and again let it sit overnight
    -now that 2 days have pass we will let it sit for one whole day without even touching it into the dark
  11. Bang on the 4th day morning you have a ripe new juice to vape on

Now this I have tried on the western flavor with caramel Dx and 7% nic and it tasted great.

What do you think of this?! Thanks

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