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Ultrasonic or not! How do you shake it?


Looks like a good bit of kit, especially for your bigger batches. Still love my dremmel though, got used to it now, but saying that, the most i make is about 150ml in one go. :yum:


It’s basically like taping your bottle to a jigsaw or sawzall and shaking the shit out of it :slight_smile:


I use this and get great results. 30 seconds and your done.

Bit of stainless steel, hammered flat at the ens to act like a paddle. :ok_hand:


That’s some easy high speed frothing. Just froth it and wash the wand and you’re done.

Nice bit of kit @Pattie!


Thanks brother. It was your idear! :grinning:[quote=“Pro_Vapes, post:64, topic:28950”]
Nice bit of kit @Pattie!


I use one of the AA battery milk frothers (Norpro cordless mini mixer, $6!!) and it works almost perfectly. It’s excellent for mixing round and round, but I wish it would mix better from top to bottom. I really want to find or make a miniature propeller that will create a vortex so it mixes from top to bottom, too.

But for $6, it’s awesome. Saves me from a lot of hand shaking.


I found a small propeller at a model shop for a model boat and it done the trick but it was fragile. Thats why i went with what i use. I can lengthen the stainless steel rod for bigger bottles, but mainly use it how it is.
I had the milk frother but couldn’t get anywhere near the results that i do with the dremel. And it takes seconds.


I just folded and then twisted a 22g Ti piece and flared out the tips a tiny bit. just stick in my drill and away I go. No more sore wrists/arms for me :slight_smile:


I started with somethings similar but found the wire too flexible when spinning at high speed so went with the stainless steel rod.
My dremel starts at 10,000 rpm, so had to use something stiffer.


My drill is cheap, it isn’t very fast at all. I do have a 3000rpm dremel but the connection isn’t the same so i havent had a means of using it yet… plus that bugger is loud af id rather not run it inside lol don’t want to annoy everyone else in the house hah


Really it’s just whatever works for you isn’t it? As long as you get your end result then it’s a win win. :yum::ok_hand:


Well, it definitely doesnt “Froth” it, which I would like, but it does mix it… lol I would love to just get a small milk frother dedicated just for that…


You need the higher speed to get it to froth. :weary:
But like i say bud, just whatever works. :+1:


I have always used a magnetic stirrer, from the beginning of my DIY juice.
I have had mag-stirrers for 50 yrs, so it wasn’t even a thought.
And the answer is ‘no’…never had to heat it first, even max VG…that is what
different sized stir bars are for, and a retriever.
It evenly and consistently mixes from top to bottom.

If you wish to stir in that fashion, just get a Badger 121 paint stirrer and be done with it. About $11 on Amazon.


Do you know if that mixing tip is small enough to fit into a 30ml bottle?


Yes, it will easily fit.
A standard boston round [glass] 30ml has approx 12mm ID neck and the Badger is approx 10.8mm at it’s largest OD.


Thanks ozo.



Already ordered. :slight_smile:


Great. Let’s know what you think of it once it comes. :+1: