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Updated Well that was unexpected


So as you know I’m a plumber, I have been for most of my adult life. So anyways I got a text from an old co-worker this morning that said call me. So I called her and she asked if I would be interested in changing companies. I tolaf her I had been toying with the idea but hadn’t made up my mind. So we talked for about 20 minutes and said." I’m just going to have the owner call you" ok I said. So the owner and I talked for about 10 minutes and he offered me a $10.00 an hour raise with more benefits! Obviously I jumped on it! Now for the hard part, letting my current employer know! Yep we are friends, I’ve know him for at least 15 years. My emotions are going CRAZY!


Just make sure you compare everything. What do you have to do for 10 more? If you hate the environment then it may not be worth it.


No I actually will just sell and not have to do any manual labor!


No shit?!? :crazy_face:


Literately, I’ve never met him, and we only spilled for ten minutes or less, I told him about my experience, and sales numbers.


Being in that situation is never fun, or easy. But you have a family and family comes first. And an offer of more money. More money=more happy family! Your friend/employer will understand that.


I wish you well brother. Sounds like a good deal.


Oh I know he will, it’s just hard. I’ve been meaning to look for a new job. Just didn’t want to have this conversation.


Thank you, I really appreciate it!


@Cutlass92 That’s GREAT news !!!

I know you, and know you’ll check everything out before moving over. Says a lot about your character, if you have an old friend/co-worker looking out for you, and passing your name on. Never hurts to set a good example, make friends, and keep them.


@Cutlass92, Dude, you know me, … I can’t, … NOT, … help mahself !!!


So what, you just Pand E the jobs, spec’m, do some upsell / addons ?




Are you going to be just hourly, or do you get some kind of commission on sales?


@Chrispdx brings up a good point. My first worry would be that I would have to be more involved in office politics for that extra 10. For me, no thanks. I’ll stick to climbing on roofs and turning wrenches.


I think it’s “less shit,” in this case. :joy:



I hope he learns those moves quickly. I’m getting ideas…


Less shit in plumbing and 10 more per hour. Sounds like he is gonna start working for the cartel. Lol


Really, he just had to out do me. I got a promotion and SMALL (0.30/hr) raise at work this week.