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Updated Well that was unexpected


Lots of good points good advice and good jokes here. I hope the decision you make is the best one for you. Oh, and I saved the pole dancing cowboy for future use.




Well I’ve known her for years, and she is the office manager, they have plenty of plumbers they don’t have salesmen. She told me she was holding me until this position opened up.


That’s exactly it! Oh and bring a bunch of knowledge. When I started talking about the stuff I know how to work on and my yearly sales figures he said " OH WOW!"


The best jobs always seem to find you…they seem never be there when you need one. Good luck and go with your gut on this one :slight_smile: and don’t burn any bridges you might need in the future :wink:


That was something we talked about, but he wants to make sure I get a good footing before we slowly transition over to commission.


Could be! I won’t tell!:rofl:


He’s hypnotizing


Congrats I am happy for @Molly_Mcghee and you …


Thank you good sir!


Sounds as a good deal!
The challenge will be to prove and keep the figures!
Best of luck from the bottom of my heart, I know how it feels… not easy… GL


Thank you!


You do what you have to do. Sounds like the money is good, and your back will probably thank you for it later. Congrats on the new position. Sorry you have to have the convo with your current boss/friend, but you’ll still be friends, right?


Congrats to you too. Besides, we still know who the boss is, ya?


Yes we will still be friends. Just won’t work for him anymore :frowning:


Hey she still let’s see my balls when I’m a really good boy


Congratulations on your new offer! Just weigh the positives and the negatives out. Understanding that you are friends with your current employer can be tough. Just remember friends want friends to do better as well. If they cannot offer anything better, give them the chance on the money thing, then I would think your friend would want you to better yourself. Family comes first and nobody is paying your bills outside of the home.
I always went with progression whenever I was working. Never step down but step up.
You’ll be fine in your decision! Wishing you all the best! :slight_smile:


Thank you, im definitely stepping up.


UPDATE: so I turned in my letter of resignation today, the owner said I could come back any time. And the office manager cried. Damn that was difficult. :disappointed:


Sweet, now you will be making 14 bucks an hour!