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Updated Well that was unexpected


Wow! How did you know!?


Please don’t curse us that way, @Joel. I thought we were friends.

Or, wait, is that $14 Canadian? Is Canadian money like Canadian beer? Stronger, right?


Just depends on the conversation of maple syrup. Lol.


Congrats. I am so happy for you. Your worth it.


Hey you better watch out for the maple syrup mafia.


Thank you! The office manager has started trying to talk me out of leaving.


Could work in your benefit.
Nothing wrong with a counter offer. Lay it on the line what your new offer is and if they can match it or better it then you will have some more thinking to do.
At the end of the day it is whats best for the family and you.
Ive moved jobs a few times but it wasnt because i didnt like what i was doing it was because the new job would better suit for what i wanted for my family.
Congrats on the new job. :+1:


I have, and now I’m thinking they might. Just have to wait and see.


Does any of that $10.00 depend on meeting sales quotas or anything related to commission??? I worked with a guy twice once before he took that kind of job and then once when I hired him back at his old job, he was in line ahead of me to be offered the foreman job and would have been my boss had he not left for the greener grass and then found himself released due to a slow down in the industry.


If you have a slow down in the industry of taking a shit then I highly recommend


well congrats Cutlass…i hope the new life venture is great for you…I hope no more sticking hands in shitty toilets…lol JK…


Actually it took a big shit and screwed a lot of people. This was back in oh about 2006 - 2007when the real estate/ housing/construction industry got all fupped uck


Nope, I’m actually that good at my job.


Congrats and best of luck. I get head hunted all the time, but typically the salary is the same or less. I work at NASA as an accountant since 2002 as a contractor and the working environment is so flexible (working from home, take time off anytime I want) that the pay would have to be at least $10 more an hour before I’d consider leaving.

I’m sure your friend will understand why you need to lookout for yourself and further your career. Hopefully finding a replacement for you won’t be too difficult.


Thank you, yes it fairly flexible here as well. But I have to follow the money. I know he will have trouble finding a replacement. He does as well. The good part of that is I can just call him and come right back.


I think @Molly_Mcghee must have wrote this! :laughing:


Um, no. Am I not allowed to have emotions?


Of course you are. Here buddy, I’m right there with you.



PS - @Cutlass92 I just ran across this photo of Kate Beckinsale while browsing the interwebz. I have to admit, it’s stirring some emotions in me!



That photo is stirring something!