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Updated Well that was unexpected



I hope the new job goes well. I know they’ll be glad to have you and your former boss will miss you terribly.


Thank you, I’m ready to make the switch.


Well Friday was my last day, I transferd all my tools and tool boxes over to my new van today. Tomorrow I finish all paperwork for jobs I did Friday and my timesheet. Drop off my old van and credit cards.


That was probably pretty rough. It will pass bro.


that’s one thing I don’t miss. cleaning out the plumbing van I had when I worked with a buddy of mine… its amazing how quick it got messed up when you have 4 people working out of it and only one keeps the stuff organized…


Yea, no one touches my tools. I paid for them to make a living for me and my family. If you don’t have the tools to do the job you probably don’t need to be doing the job. I’ve had way too many tools lost and broken by people that don’t have any idea what they cost. I drive around with somewhere around 15 grand in tools to do my job. Yes I own all my own tools if I don’t have one I buy it. It’s a never ending battle. New materials need different tools. Heck there are no less than 6 different ways to connect PEX. And those are just the ones I can think of. I know there are more.


you can never have enough tools. thankfully my other half understands why I’m always buying tools I need to do work.

“It takes money to make money”


Well thankfully my better half understands that as well. So I never get any push back for buying new tools. Well not much. My current brushless upgrade has been raising some eyebrows.


I’m aircraft mechanic don’t get me started on tools or the prices. :slight_smile:


My brother in law is a lead A&P mechanic.


we just had our shed broke into . sucks replacing the miter saw. but she real understanding now that tools are scattered thru the house…

in the living room tool boxes and nail guns
in the bathroom table saw, router table and more tool boxes
in the kitchen miter saw and sewer machine (somewhat clean)
in the sun room cordless tools and pain sprayers

edit: storing tools inside until I turn garage in back yard into fort knox


Really that’s cool :slight_smile:


I work on antiques :slight_smile: and experimental aircraft…yep thats me in the T-28


For those who don’t know what a A & P is it means airframe and power plant…for the most part, these people are brilliant they can fix anything anywhere and have a certification from the FAA for life.


Very Cool, I works a an airport that handled planes like that in highschool. Just general maintenance. Moving planes, fueling planes and, cutting grass.


That sounds like him, he also has his run taxi licence. Yes he’s a busy boy.