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[USA] **FREE VG Giveaway** LiquidNicotineWholesalers.com


Hello ELR!

USA only, sorry!

We wanted to do a giveaway for our 120mL USA made Vegetable Glycerin!! Our VG is completely USA made. This is the highest quality VG we have found for our eliquids, and we know you guys will love it!!

This will be going to 50 lucky peeps.

Here is how to get your free 120mL Vegetable Glycerin bottle – email me your name and shipping address to
kjj (at) liquidnicotinewholesalers.com

We really want to know what you guys think about our VG, so please let us know how you like it!! You can email me, PM me, or leave a review here, but we really want to know what you guys think!

Ok… GO!!!


@Amy2 @DarthVapor @TheTinMan1 @Pugs1970 @SthrnMixer @VapeyMama @ozo @Volition @Lolly @Underanne
I’m sure I missed a few ppl don’t take it personal this is all I could think of off the top of my head and on my phone and I had to take off a couple ppl because I can only mention 10 I’m one post oops… :smile:


Is this US only? I wouldnt want to win because customs would sting me here in the UK…


This is USA only. Sorry!! Shipping outside the USA would be really expensive for us.


ya i seen that


I was trying to make it a little easier on myself to have all the addresses and info in 1 place. I figured some people would PM, some would put it in our contact us page and some would email me.

I thought it would be easier if I had everything in one email that isnt used for anything other than this.


Daath approved them so I figured they were on the up and up… Didn’t think this would be an issue… Just my 2cents… There site looks legit and they seem to want to stay active in the community so I’m giving them chance to prove themselves plus I have an email account strictly for vape related stuff lol


Withdrawing posts… I apologise…

Good luck all and thanks @LiquidNicotineW :wink:


And sorry bro I forgot your in the UK


We are in the USA


Done and Done. Thank you for doing this for us. :smile:


Scottsdale Arizona. Traffic finally died down this week from the Waste Management Golf Tournament and Barrett Jackson the week before…


Yes two of the people I tagged I know for sure are out of the country that would be @Pugs1970 and @Grubby sorry guys I was type happy lol


Miles from anyone :angry: lol


@Lolly is UK and @Volition is from Aus

And you didnt tag me, you removed me :laughing:


Subconciosly I knew!! Lol


Downright discrimination. This is an outrage, an outrage I say!


And more appologies are due lol @Lolly and @Volition… Damn austrailans! :wink:


Cant stand the “Austrailans” … :grin:


And just one of them are australian, Lolly is brittish as far as i know :wink: