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[USA] **FREE VG Giveaway** LiquidNicotineWholesalers.com


The Australian comment was strictly for Volition lol lolly is too sweet for me to talk to her like that lol


OK , done. You didn’t mention anything about what to put in the subject line so I just put ELR giveaway or something like that.


You all need to give your vendors a poke or two and get them to start participating here on ELR and doing this type of thing. Just Saying.

Thanks @LiquidNicotineW my email has been sent


If there was one I might :grin:


We are looking to start shipping internationally soon also… So check back with us soon!


Yeah I asked about that about a week ago. I’ll check back in at a later date :thumbsup:


Email Sent. Thank You. :slight_smile:


irish smh always wanting to fight :wink: lol


Thanks to everyone that participated in our giveaway!!

We are hoping to do this again, SOON!


I hope I made it in the 50 I just got the email


did anyone on elr win ???


We ended up sending out 84 free VG 120mL bottles today, but I didn’t get a chance to send out the confirmation emails yet.

When I get into the office tomorrow I will send the confirmations to the lucky winners!

Thanks to everyone for giving us a try! We are excited to see what you think about our USA made VG!


nice cant wait to try it :wink:


Well I guess I was not one of the lucky ones no email confirmation yet.

Anyone else here get one yet?


I totally forgot to send the confirmation emails! I will work on that today. But almost all people that entered made it!


Just wanted to say that I never received a confirmation letter from LNW.
What I did receive was a 120 mL bottle of VG!
Thanks LiquidNicotineW


nice what a beautiful thing


You know what they say the mind is the first thing to go LOL Trust me I know it is true.


thank you very much for the vg, i will try it over the weekend and give you my thoughts. thanks again


just received email ty im looking forward to try your product and will report back