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[USA] **FREE VG Giveaway** LiquidNicotineWholesalers.com


Got my email today, Thanks :smile:
Comes at a good time as I was going to be ordering VG soon.
I’m guessing it is going to be good, so you can expect an order in the future. :smiley:
Thanks again…


Thank you left message in the contact tab of your Webpage. I look forward to trying your product.


got mine today will mix up some liguid i know i like so i can give an honest opinion


Received my free 120ml of VG today. Getting ready to mix a Recipe I regularly use for honest comparison. Thanks LiquidNicotine, I appreciate it!


dam wish i would have seen this 7 days ago…lol. congrats guys.


Got mine today too. Will be mixing tomorrow to try it out. First impression are it’s sweet and clean tasting by itself. Bottle was sealed well, no leaking. And it seems like it might be a tad thicker than what I have from Nic River, but I won’t know for sure until mixing. Not that it’s a bad thing, not complaining.

Thank you so much @LiquidNicotineW for the sample and the coupon. Results will determine if I use it or not :wink:


Ok initial taste test on the finger it taste like NR VG sweet , i mixed up a couple single flaves , and a SNV which tasted very good clouds are the same its very clean , ive also mixed up some mixes that need a long steep , over all i would buy this product if it was a significant savings ( i only say this because if its the same why change products ) id like to thank @LiquidNicotineW for the sample i have a gallon and a half of VG right now however id like to see your prices and how they compare


Their prices are listed on their website.


i know ouch i just looked a little steep for me :frowning:


I got mine a few days ago. Mixed one of my proven recipies with it for comparison and a simple no flavor 70/30 no flavor mix. Should be ready to test in 3 weeks.


We are working on increasing our volumes, which will decrease our prices!

Right now, we are able to purchase other VG’s for about 30% of the prices we are currently paying, but we really do love the quality of this VG so we are doing everything we can to get you guys a better deal!


Don’t worry! We will be doing another giveaway soon enough!


I’m glad it got there safe!


I was one of the lucky winners and received my sample on Saturday. I mixed up a couple 30ml bottles of my favorite shake-n-vape recipes. The VG tastes very good. It’s on the sweeter side and actually tastes just like the VG that I buy from Bull City or Nude Nicotine.

Thanks again @LiquidNicotineW


I’m glad you liked it!


My free sample arrived yesterday

Thanks @LiquidNicotineW . I will post my thoughts as soon as I get a chance to test it out.


Seems a touch thinner than the other two VG’s I normally use. This one is American made both of the others are Malaysian. Flavor in a blind pure vaping on a new .25 coil in a Maganus Tank is pretty much the same I was unable to tell the difference mixed a single peach flavor of each and the could not tell the diff. in flavor but did notice the difference in thickness of the liquid. All in all a good VG.


Thank you so much for your review!


Thank you for giving our product a try


You have really peaked my interest now. I vape mostly 100% VG N.E.T.'s or 100% VG using Real Flavors VG base and Super Concentrates so slightly thinner would be a big plus with wicking.

I am going to mix up 2 samples of a recipe I do that only need about 48 hrs to be ready to vape.

I will also try to come up with a way to compare the viscosity against NR’s VG…